Christian Biblical Reflections.28

(Christian Biblical Reflections.28. Here is submission or part 28 of CBR, pages 236 (232)-271 , of the Book of Ezekiel. mjmselim.Dec.2019.)
Here is the Link in my OneDrive to the Adobe, Word 635, & WordPad files of the completed Major Prophets Chapter IV. These files will show the original format of the work, which is not able to be replicated in WordPress. I have also put the two files, pdf & word of volume 1 in the folder. In Ezekiel of have used the colored texts more frequent than in Isaiah or Jeremiah, as very helpful to follow the prophetic word of the Son of Man. I have again gone through the chapter to correct errors. I had circulated a few weeks ago a Chronological Chart of 100 years to answer I question sent to me; that chart I fond later had many errors, and some of a serious kind; they are corrected in this completed work. I encourage those who I sent the chart to replace it with what is in this work.
I tried to complete the work by December 7th, my 50th year in Christ. I expect to finish Daniel & the 12 Minor Prophets (Chapter V, the last chapter of the Old Testament Books) within 3 months. If my health permits in the will & grace of God I would like to finish the entire New Testament within 6 months after chapter 5. I have again altered my style in Ezekiel as a necessity. I have tried to limit any speculative comments or views from this Book.

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Part IV: ISAIAH – EZEKIEL: Prophetical Books: Three: Major-Greater-Longer Prophets.

BOOK OF EZEKIEL: Prophet-Priest.

In the 30th year, 4th month, 5th day, Ezekiel was among the captives by the Chebar River: the heavens were opened, He saw Visions of God. In the 5th of the month of the 5th year of King Jehoiachin’s Captivity: The Lord’s Word came to the Priest Ezekiel benBuzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the Chebar River; the Lord’s Hand was on him. (Before we continue with the Visions of God, let us first determine, or explore, the 30th year of Ezekiel. It is one of three possibilities. Ezekiel’s age as a Priest according to the Law. The year of the Captivity of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. The year of the 70 Years of Captivity, or another regal or Captivity like that of Jerusalem, etc. In order to solve this, let us make a Century Timeline, 100 years, without assigning a chronological date to the years; we list only Biblical References as determined by their connection to the known regal years. An example of this method is furnished in the Text: the 30th Year is 5th Year of Jehoiachin’s Captivity; being careful not to confuse Jehoiachin with Jehoiakim, or the Regal Years with the Captivity Years. I’ve had to revise this Table to correct errors in Ezekiel’s timeline; which is conflicting among the different dates & conjectures as to the Text. I have chosen to add the chapters & verses of Ezekiel’s recorded dates in in relations to King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. Unfortunately the those who assign the dates of persons or events that is not given in the Text create added discrepancy & confusion. We should remember all dates are approximate, and that often an event occurs as part of two dates, as a birth in a part of a year, as we have seen in the chronicles of the Kings of Judah & Israel; or even a reign of 3 months counted as a regal year, so 2 kings may each share a regal year which be only 6 months. )

Captivity Years & Regal Years:

001: 12th yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Book of Zephaniah)
002: 13th yr: King Josiah’s reign. Jeremiah begins to prophesy (for 40 yrs). (Jeremiah @ 20; 80 years after Isaiah’s death or ministry ceased.)
003: 14th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
004: 15th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
005: 16th yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Ezekiel born.)
006: 17th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
007: 18th yr: King Josiah’s reign. Josiah @ 26. Josiah’s reforms in Jerusalem & Judah; Temple repaired; Book of the Law & Covenant found in the Temple; Great Passover observed.
008: 19th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
009: 20th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
010: 21st yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Ezekiel’s @ 5.)
011: 22nd yr: King Josiah’s reign.
012: 23rd yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Jeremiah @ 30)
013: 24th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
014: 25th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
015: 26th yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Ezekiel @ 10.)
016: 27th yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Babylonians & Medes conquer Assyria.)
017: 28th yr: King Josiah’s reign. (Nineveh fell to Nabopolassar & Cyaxares, Nahum 2.)
018: 29th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
019: 30th yr: King Josiah’s reign.
020: 31st yr: King Josiah’s reign. Josiah dies @ 40 in battle against Pharaoh Necho at Megiddo. Jeremiah laments Josiah. King Shallum’s reign 3 mnths. Pharaoh Necho enthrones Jehoiakim. (Ezekiel @ 15.)
021: 1st yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. (Jeremiah’s Word from the Lord.)
022: 2nd yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. Jeremiah’s 20th yr of ministry. (Jerusalem assaulted.) (Jeremiah @ 40)
023: 3rd yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. He rebels against King of Babylon. Pharaoh Neco defeated (battle at Carchemish). King Nabopolassar dies. King Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem.
024: 4th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 1st yr: King Nebuchad(n,r)ezzar’s reign. 1st yr: 70 Years Captivity Begins. Jeremiah’s Prophecies recorded in a Book. (Jeremiah’s 23rd yr of ministry) (Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (in their late teens or early twenties) & other Jews taken captive to Babylon) (Daniel @ 20)
025: 5th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 2nd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign.) 2nd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of Great Image of an Imperial Man; Daniel interprets the Dream of Empires or Kingdoms: Babylon, Medes-Persians, Greeks, & Romans. Daniel made Ruler of Babylon’s Province.) (Ezekiel @ 20.)
026: 6th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 3rd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 3rd yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
027: 7th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 4th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 4th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
028: 8th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 5th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 5th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Baruch reads Jeremiah’s Words from the Book or Scroll.)
029: 9th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 6th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 6th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
030: 10th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. 7th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 7th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (3,023 Jews deported)
031: 11th yr: King Jehoiakim’s reign. King Jehoiachin reigns 3 mnths; he is deported. 8th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 8th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. Exile, Deportation, & Captivity. (10,000 captive Jews deported) (7,000 Jewish warriors & 1,000 craftsmen deported) Mattaniah, Jehoiachin’s uncle, enthroned; renamed Zedekiah. (Ezekiel taken captive to Babylon @ age 25.)
032: 1st yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 1st yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 9th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 9th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Nebuchadnezzar’s army besieged Jerusalem) (Jeremiah’s Wooden Neck Yokes; The Lord’s Word to the Remnant of 70 Years Captivity must be fulfilled till Israel’s Restoration to Jerusalem.) (Jeremiah @ 50)
033: 2nd yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 2nd yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 10th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 10th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Jerusalem smitten.)
034: 3rd yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 3rd yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 11th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 11th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Daniel @ 30)
035: 4th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 12th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 12th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. 4th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity.
036: 5th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 5th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 13th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 13th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s Visions of God at the River Chebar (by the Euphrates River). Ezekiel’s ministry begins @ 30 yrs of age as Priest for 20 yrs. Ezek. Ch. 1-7 )
037: 6th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 6th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 14th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 14th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 2nd-3rd year:) (Ezek. Ch. 8-19)
038: 7th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 7th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 15th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 15th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Babylonians destroy Jerusalem & Temple, demolish walls, burn the gates, 9th of Av.) (Ezekiel’s 4th year @ 33-34) (Ezek. Ch. 20-23)
039: 8th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 8th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 16th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 16th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 5th year @ 34-35.)
040: 9th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 9th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 17th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 17th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Jerusalem besieged) (Ezekiel’s 6th year @ 35-36: Judah’s Elders sit with Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s Visions of God in Jerusalem of a Man Clothed in Linen.) (Ezek. Ch. 24-25 ?.)
041: 10th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 10th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 18th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 18th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Jeremiah’s Word while imprisoned) (832 Jews deported) (Jeremiah buys by Redemption the Field.) (Zedekiah & the Jewish nobles free the Jewish slaves & servants; shortly after reenslaved them.) (Ezekiel’s 7th year @ 36: Israel’s Elders inquire to Ezekiel) (3,023 persons from Jerusalem to Babylon.) (Ezek. Ch. 29:1-16; 30:1, 19 ?)
042: 11th yr: King Zedekiah’s reign. 11th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 19th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign.19th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. Jerusalem besieged & captured by King of Babylon. Zedekiah’s sons & court killed, his eyes put out, he is led captive to Babylon; Zephaniah the 2nd Priest put to death. Jerusalem ‘s Temple, Palace, & great houses pillaged & torched. Nebuzaradan, Guard Captain in Jerusalem. Poorest of common folks as a remnant to tend to the land. Things of gold & silver transported to Babylon; 832 Jewish Captives deported to Babylon. Gedaliah appointed Governor of Judah & Jerusalem; & he is murdered. Jews flee to Egypt in fear, with Jeremiah & Baruch. (Jeremiah’s ministry ends at the Captivity of Jerusalem in the 19th yr of King Nebuchadnezzar & the 19th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.) (Ezekiel’s 8th yr: Ch. 33 (ch. 34-39 ?) (Ezekiel: Ch. 32:1-16) (Jeremiah @ 60)
043: 20th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 12th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 20th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 9th year: The Lord’s Word of King of Babylon in Jerusalem & Parable of the Caldron.) (Jeremiah imprisoned.) (Ezekiel’s wife died; he was about 39.) (Ezekiel: Ch. 33 (ch. 34-39 ?) (Ezekiel: Ch. 32:1-16) (Ezekiel: Ch. 32:17-32)
044: 21st yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 13th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 21st yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 10th year: The Lord’s Word against King Pharaoh & Egypt) (Daniel @ 40)
045: 22nd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 14th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 22nd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 11th year: The Lord’s Word against King Pharaoh of Egypt. The Lord’s Word to King Pharaoh of Egypt. The Lord’s Word against Tyre & the King of Babylon.)
046: 23rd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 15th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 23rd yr of 70 Years Captivity. (Nebuzaradan, Guard Captain, deports 745 Jews; total now at 4,600) (Ezekiel’s 12th year @ 40: the Lord’s Word of Lamentation of King Pharaoh of Egypt. The Lord’s Word of Tears for the Egyptians. Jerusalem Jew escapes & tells Ezekiel Jerusalem is attacked & the Lord’s Word to Ezekiel.)
047: 24th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 16th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 24th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 13th year.)
048: 25th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 17th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 25th yr: 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s last dated prophecy.) (Ezekiel’s 14th yr @ 44: Visions of God in Israel, (14th yr after Jerusalem’s assaulted).
049: 26th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 18th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. (King Nebuchadnezzar 26th yr; he is driven insane & put out as a wild beast, acting like a wolf or wild dog, for 7 years.) 26th yr: 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 15th year @ 45:)
050: 27th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 19th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 27th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 15th-16th yr @ 45-46: The Lord’s Word of Egypt conquered by the King of Babylon.) (Ezekiel’s dated ministry ends.)
051: 28th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 20th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 28th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 17th yr @ 47)
052: 29th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 21st yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 29th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 18th yr @ 48)
053: 30th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 22nd yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 30th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel’s 18th-19th yr @ 48-49.)
054: 31st yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 23rd yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 31st yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
055: 32nd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 24th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 32nd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (King Nebuchadnezzar recovers from his madness & is restored to the throne.) (Daniel @ 50)
056: 25th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 33rd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 33rd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (20th yr of King Astyages (Artaxerxes); Commandment to Rebuild Jerusalem.) . (Ezekiel @ 50: Ch. 40-48)
057: 26th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 34th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 34th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
058: 27th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 35th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 35th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Ezekiel @ 52: Ch. 29:17-21)
059: 28th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 36th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 36th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
060: 29th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 37th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 37th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. ((Ezekiel @ 55 if he lived.))
061: 30th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 38th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 38th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
062: 31st yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 39th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 39th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
063: 32nd yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 40th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 40th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
064: 33rd yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 41st yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 41st yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
065: 34th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 42nd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 42nd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Daniel @ 60)
066: 35th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 43rd yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 43rd yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
067: 36th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 44th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 44th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
068: 37th yr: King Jehoiachin’s Captivity. 45th yr: King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. 45th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. King Jehoiachin released from prison by new King Evil-merodach of Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar dies.
069: 46th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
070: 47th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
071: 48th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
072: 49th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
073: 50th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
074: 51st yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Nabonidus)
075: 52nd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Daniel @ 70)
076: 53rd yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
077: 54th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
078: 55th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
079: 56th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
080: 57th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
081: 58th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
082: 58th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
083: 60th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
084: 61st yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
085: 62nd yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Daniel @ 80)
086: 63rd yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
087: 64th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
088: 65th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Fall of Babylon. Persian Kingdom in Babylon. King Cyrus, decrees Jews to return to Jerusalem to Rebuild City & Temple) (Dan. 9.) (Daniel @ 83)
089: 66th yr of the 70 Years Captivity.
090: 67th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Belshazzar) (Daniel @ 85)
091: 68th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. 3rd yr: King Cyrus of Persia.
092: 69th yr of the 70 Years Captivity. (Nehemiah rebuilds Wall in Jerusalem)
093: 70th yr of the 70 Years Captivity Ends. (Belshazzar killed. Darius the Median (Astyages) takes the Throne. (Astyages (Ahasuerus, Artaxerxes) marries Esther.). Cyrus, Astyages son, Decree rebuilding of Temple. Daniel’s Vision of the 70 Sevens. Temple Foundation laid. Nehemiah in Jerusalem.) (Zerubbabel & Remnant Returns to Jerusalem. Feast of Tabernacles observed.) (1st yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.) (Daniel dies @ 88.)
094: (1st yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.)
095: (2nd yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.)
096: (3rd yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.)
097: (4th yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.)
098: (5th yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.)
099: (6th yr of Persian rule: Cyrus, etc.) (King Cyrus dies.) (Cambyses makes Nehemiah Governor in Jerusalem.)
100: (Persian rule.) (City & Temple being Rebuilt. Ezra & Nehemiah.) [After this date Darius Hystaspis enthroned & reigns for some 30 years (Herodotus). Temple is Rebuilt & Dedicated. Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi closes the Old Testament about 400 B.C.] [7th yr of Astyages (Ahasuerus, Artaxerxes) reign.]
The Table shows that Ezekiel’s 30th Year cannot be assigned to any known Regal Years except that of Jehoiachin which was his Captivity Years & coincides with Nebuchadnezzar’s 9th Regal Years, and the 9th Year of the 70 Years Captivity (the two always matching). If we attempt to place Ezekiel’s 30th Year to the Captivity or to Nebuchadnezzar it becomes impossible. Now the Reign of King Jehoiachin in Jerusalem was only 3 months, that year his uncle Mattaniah was enthroned by the King of Babylon, and renamed Zedekiah, whose Regal Years were 11, which is the same as the Captivity Years of King Jehoiachin. As long as King Jehoiachin lived in his Captivity his Regal Years were valid as the rightful King of Jerusalem and must be accounted for or recorded or chronicled. Ezekiel would date his Visions relative to any of these Years. In addition to the Years of the Kings, of the Captivity, his own Ministry Years would be a valid dating reference. Only the verse & context can clarify which of these is meant. In 1:1 30th year may be his age, but in 8:1 the 6th year cannot; understanding the date becomes important in the interpretation of the Text. We return to the Visions.

Ezekiel saw a Stormy Wind from the North, a Great Cloud, with Fire enfolding itself with Brightness above & around, in it Glowing Metal out of the Fire; out of it came the Likeness of 4 Living-Ones (Creatures, Chaioth, Zöön, Animals, Tiere, Terrestrial); they appeared in likeness of Man (Human Form); each had 4 Faces (16 total), & 4 Wings (16 total); & Straight Feet; the Sole of their Feet like the Sole of a Calf’s Foot; & they Sparkled like Burnished (Polished) Brass; Human Hands under their Wings on their 4 Sides; all 4 with Faces & Wings; their Wings joined together; they turned not in movement, only straight forward. The likeness of their Faces that each one had: Human Face, Lion Face on the right side, Ox Face on the left side, & Eagle Face. Their Faces & Wings were separate above; 2 of each were joined to each other, & 2 covered their Bodies. Each Creature moved straight forward: wherever the Spirit went they went without turning. The likeness of the Living Creatures: their appearance like Burning Coals of Fire, like Torches (Flames): going up & down among the Living Creatures, Bright Fire, from the Fire came a Flash of Lightning. The Living Creatures ran or darted & returned as the appearance of a Flash of Lightning. Ezekiel watched the Living Creatures: One Wheel on earth beside the Living Creatures for each of the 4 Faces (4 wheels in all). The appearance of the Wheels & their work was like Beryl: all 4 had one likeness; their appearance & work was if a Wheel within a Wheel. When they moved in their 4 directions they never turn. Their Rims were high & dreadful; all 4 had Rims full of Eyes all around; when the Living Creatures moved, the Wheels moved beside them; when the Living Creatures rose from the earth, the Wheels rose. Wherever the Spirit moved, they moved, following the Spirit: The Wheels rose with them, for the Spirit of the Living Creature was in the Wheels. Above the Living Creature was the likeness of a Firmament (Expanse, Heaven), like the terrible Crystal to look on, stretched over above their heads. Below the Firmament their Wings were straight, toward each other: each had 2 Wings covering this side & the other side of their Bodies. In movement Ezekiel heard the noise of their Wings like the sound of Great Waters, like the Voice of Shaddai (the Almighty), a sound of tumult, like the noise of an army (host): when the Living Creatures stood still, they let down their Wings. Above the Firmament that was above their Heads was the likeness of a Throne, as the appearance of a Sapphire Stone; on the likeness of the Throne was a likeness in appearance of a Man on it above; Ezekiel saw as if it were Glowing Metal, as the appearance of Fire within it all around, from the appearance of His Loins & upward (to His Chest), & from His Loins downward (to His Feet), he saw as it were the appearance of Fire, and there was Brightness all around Him; as the appearance of the Bow in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the Brightness all around. This was the appearance of the likeness of the Glory of Jehovah. When Ezekiel saw it, he fell on his face, and he heard a Voice of One Who spoke.
The Voice said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, stand up, I will speak to yu’. The Spirit entered into him when He spoke, and set him on his feet, and he heard the One speaking to him, saying: ‘Son of Man, go to BeniIsrael, to rebellious nations, rebelling against Me: they & their fathers have transgressed Me even to this day. Impudent & stiff hearted Children (Sons): Go & say to them, the Lord says: perhaps they will listen, maybe reject, (they are a Rebellious House), yet they will know that there is a Prophet among them. Son of Man, fear not them or their words, though briers & thorns are with yu, and you live with scorpions; fear not their words, nor be dismayed at their looks; that Rebellious House’! ‘Son of Man, listen, be not like that Rebellious House: open yur mouth, and eat what I give yu’. Ezekiel saw a Hand extended to him with a Book Scroll; He spread the Scroll before him: it was written on both sides, with the writings of lamentations & mourning & woe. (The Book Scroll was the prophetic word & message from the Lord.)
He said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, eat what yu find; eat this Scroll, then go speak to the House of Israel’. Ezekiel opened his mouth to eat the Scroll. He said to him: ‘Son of Man, let yur belly eat, fill yur stomach with the Scroll’. He ate; it was sweet as honey in his mouth. He said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, go to the House of Israel, and speak My Words to them. Yu are not sent to a people of a strange speech & difficult language, hard to understand; if I sent yu to them they would listen. The House of Israel will not listen to yu; because they will not listen to Me: The House of Israel has a hard forehead & stiff heart. I have made yur face hard against their faces, yur forehead hard against their foreheads; an adamant harder than flint is yur forehead, be not afraid or dismayed at the Rebellious House. Son of Man, receive My Words in yur heart, hear with yur ears. Go to them of the Captivity, to yur people’s children, speak & tell them, the Lord says; maybe they’ll listen, maybe not’. The Spirit lifted Ezekiel, and took him away; in bitterness, in the heat of his spirit; the Lord’s Hand was strong on him. Ezekiel came to them of the Captivity at Tel-abib, near the River Chebar, where they dwelt; he sat there overwhelmed among them 7 days; afterwards the Lord’s Word came to him: ‘Son of Man, yu are a Watchman to Israel’s House: Listen to My Words, and warn them. When I say to the wicked, yu will die; and yu don’t warn him against his wicked way to save his life; he will die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at yur hand. But if yu warn the wicked, and he refuses to turn, he will die in his iniquity; but yur soul is delivered. When a righteous man turns from his righteousness to iniquity to stumble; he’ll die because yu did not warn him, he’ll die in his sin, his righteous deeds done is forgotten; but his blood his required from yu. But if yu warn him not to sin, and he obeys, he will live & yu are delivered’. The Lord’s Hand was on Ezekiel, saying: ‘Go to the Plain, I will talk to yu there’. He went; the Lord’s Glory stood there, which he saw by the River Chebar; and he fell on his face. The Spirit entered into him, and stood him up, and spoke to him: ‘Go, shut yurself in yur house. But, Son of Man, they will put bands on yu to bind yu, that yu no longer freely move among them: yur tongue will cling to the roof of yur mouth that yu cannot speak or reprove them; that Rebellious House! When I speak with yu, yur mouth will open to say to them: The Lord Jehovah says: Let the hearer hear; let the he who refuses, let him refuse; that Rebellious House!’
‘Son of Man, take a Tile & lay it down, draw (inscribe) on it a City, Jerusalem: lay siege against it, build forts, cast mounds, set camps, & place battering rams all around it. Take an Iron Pan, set a Wall of Iron between yu & the City: yur face against it with siege; as a Sign to Israel’s House. Lay on yur left side with the Iniquity of Israel’s House on it: the number of days yu lay yu bear their Iniquity. The Years of their Iniquity are the number Days, 390 Days (thus 390 Years from the Divided Kingdom to the Captivity) to bear the Iniquity of Israel’s House. After these days, lay on yur right side to bear the Iniquity of Judah’s House: 40 Days (thus 40 Years till the Captivity ends), each Day for a Year. Lay siege against Jerusalem, yur arm uncovered & prophesy against it; lay bands on, don’t turn from side to side, till the days of siege are accomplished. Take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and spelt, mix them in a bowl to make bread to eat for the 390 Days on yur side. The food yu eat by weight at 20 shekels a day, to eat from time to time. Drink yur water by measure, 1/6th of a hin (about a quart), from time to time. Eat it as barley cakes, baked over human dung, in their sight. The Lord said: Israel’s children will eat their bread unclean, among the Gentiles where I drove them’. Ezekiel objected to the Lord that he has never eaten meat of unslaughtered animals or torn by beasts; never any abominable flesh. The Lord told him to substitute human dung to cow’s dung in baking his bread. ‘The Lord said to Ezekiel: Son of Man, I will break the staff of bread in Jerusalem: they’ll eat bread by weight in fear, they’ll drink water by measure in dismay: that they want bread & water, and be dismayed at each other as they pine away in their iniquity’.
‘Son of Man, take a Sharp Sword, a Barber’s Razor, to shave yur head & beard; weigh the hair in scales, and divide the hair. 1/3rd burn in fire in the City, when the days of siege are fulfilled; another 1/3rd smite with the sword around it; 1/3rd scatter in the wind, I will draw out the sword after them. Some of it tie to yur skirts. Take some of these to throw in the fire to burn; from there a fire will go into Israel’s House. The Lord says: This is Jerusalem; I’ve set her amid the Gentiles & countries all around her; for they have rejected My Ordinances and have not walk in My Statutes. The Lord Jehovah says: I am against yu; I will execute judgments amid yu in the sight of the Gentiles. I will do in yu what I’ve never done, or ever do again, because of yur abominations. The fathers will eat yur sons, sons will eat their fathers; I’ll execute judgments on yu; yur Remnant I’ll scatter to the winds. As I live, says the Lord Jehovah, because yu defiled My Sanctuary with yur detestable things with yur abominations, I’ll reduce yu; I will not spare, or pity. 1/3rd will die by pestilence, consumed with fire; 1/3rd by the sword; and 1/3rd I’ll scatter to the winds, pursued by the sword. My Anger accomplished, My Wrath toward them at rest, I’ll be comforted; they’ll know that Jehovah has spoken in My Zeal, that I’ve spent My Wrath on them. I’ll make yu a desolation & reproach to the Gentiles, in the sight of travelers. It will be a reproach & taunt, instruction & astonishment, to the Gentiles nearby, to execute judgments in anger & wrath, & wrathful rebukes: (I the Lord have spoken;) I’ll send evil arrows of famine for destruction, to destroy you: I’ll increase famine & break your supply of bread; I’ll send famine & wild animals to bereave; pestilence & blood: I’ll bring the sword on yu: Jehovah has spoken!’
The Lord’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, set yur face toward the Israel’s Mountains, and prophesy to them: Mountains of Israel, hear the Lord Jehovah’s Word: He says to mountains, hills, watercourses, and valleys: I will bring a sword on you to destroy your High Places. Your altars demolished; your sun-images shattered; I’ll cast down your slain before your idols; the dead of Israel’s children spread before their idols; your bones scattered around your altars. The cities of your habitations laid waste; high places desolate; altars waste & desolate; idols broken & destroyed; sun-images hewn down, and your works abolished; your slain fallen: you’ll know I am Jehovah. A Remnant will survive, some will escape the Gentiles’ sword, being scattered throughout the countries. The escaped Remnant will remember Me among the Gentiles in their Captivity, that I’ve been broken by the lewd heart in departing from Me with their harlot eyes for idols; ashamed of themselves for their abominations. They’ll know I am Jehovah; I have not spoken of this evil in vain. The Lord Jehovah says: Strike with yur hand, stamp yur foot, saying, Because of the evil abominations of Israel’s House: they’ll fall by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence. Far away by pestilence, at home by the sword; the Remnant besieged die famished: My Wrath accomplished. You’ll know I am Jehovah: their slain with their idols around their altars, on high hills, mountain tops, green trees, and thick oaks, the places where they offered sweet savor to their idols. I will extend My Hand on them to desolate & waste the land, from the Wilderness toward Diblah, throughout all their habitations: they’ll know I am Jehovah.’
The Lord’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, the Lord Jehovah says to the Land of Israel: The end on the four corners of the Land is come. The end has come with My Anger to judge according to yur ways & abominations. I’ll not spare or pity because yur ways & abominations: Know I am Jehovah’. The Lord Jehovah says: ‘Calamity & termination is coming; doom on the inhabitants of the Land; time & day is near for tumult & sorrow on the mountains. I’ll soon pour out My wrath, and accomplish My Anger against yu, judge yur ways with yur abominations without pity till yu know I Jehovah do smite. The day comes with doom, the rod blooms, pride buds; violence on the rod of wickedness; nothing! no multitude, no wealth, and no eminency. The time & day comes: no joy to buyers nor seller mourn for the wrath on all. The seller will not return purchase while he lives; the Vision touches everyone; none returns, none to strengthen himself in his iniquity of life. The trumpet is blown, they are ready, but none goes to battle because of My Wrath. Sword outside, pestilence & famine inside to devour. A Remnant will escape to the mountains like doves of the valleys moaning in iniquity. Feeble hands, weak knees like water; girded with sackcloth, covered with horror, shamed faces, and heads bald. They toss their silver in the streets, their gold as unclean, useless for deliverance in the Day of Jehovah’s Wrath: souls unsatisfied, empty stomachs, the stumbling blocks of their iniquity. The beauty of his ornament set in majesty, made into abominations & detestable things: it is all unclean. It is prey for strangers, spoil for the wicked to profane. Make chains for the bloody crimes of the Land, and the City full of violence. The worst of the Gentiles to possess their houses, pride of the strong will cease, holy places profaned. Destruction comes, they seek peace, there is none. Mischief on mischief, rumor on rumor; they’ll seek vision from the prophet, the Law will perish from the priest, counsel from elders. The King mourns, the prince clothed with desolation, the people’s hands of the Land troubled: I’ll judge their ways & desires; they’ll know I am Jehovah’.

In the 6th year, in the 6th, on the 5th of the month, Ezekiel was at home, Judah’s Elders were with him, the Lord’s Hand fell on him: He saw a Form in appearance of Fire; from His Loins downward (to His Feet), Fire; from His Loins upward (to His Chest) brightness as Glowing Metal. He extended the form of a Hand, took him by the hair of his head; the Spirit raised him between earth & heaven, brought him in the Visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the gate of the Inner Court facing north; to the Seat of the Image of Provoking Jealousy. The Glory of the God of Israel was there like the appearance he saw in the plain. He said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, look toward the north and see at the entrance of the gate of the Altar this Image of Jealousy. Again, Son of Man, see their deeds; the great abominations Israel’s House do, that I should desert My Sanctuary? Again, there is more abominations.’ He brought him to the door of the Court to see a hole in the wall; and told him to go in, and see the wicked abominations they practice. He went in and observed reptiles & insects, abominable beasts, and the idols of Israel’s House portrayed on the wall all around. 70 Elders of Israel’s House stood before them; among them was Jaazaniah benShaphan, each with a censer in his hand; the odor of the cloud of incense ascended. He said to him: ‘Son of Man, watch what the Elders Israel’s House do in the dark, each in his chambers of imagery; saying, Jehovah sees not, He has forsaken the Land’. He told him: ‘Again, see other great abominations’: He brought him to the door of the gate of Jehovah’s House northward to see the women sitting weeping for Tammuz. He told him: ‘Look, Son of Man, again greater abominations than these’. He brought him into Inner Court of Jehovah’s House, to the door of Jehovah’s Temple, between the porch & the Altar, 25 men, backs to Jehovah’s Temple, at the door of Jehovah’s Temple, their faces towards the east, worshipping the sun eastward. He told him: ‘Son of Man do yu see this? Is it nothing to Israel’s House to commit these abominations? to fill the Land with violence, to turn again to insult Me, and put the branch to their nose. I will dish out wrath; sparing none, without pity, though they cry aloud; I will not listen’.
He shouted in his ears: ‘Bring near the City managers, each with his destructive weapon’: 6 men came from the upper gate northward to slaughter; a Man among them was clothed in linen, with a writer’s inkhorn by his side. They went in and stood beside the brazen Altar. Israel’s God’s Glory was raised from the Cherub, where it was, to the threshold of the House: He called to the Man clothed in linen with the writer’s inkhorn at his side. Jehovah said to him, ‘Go through the City of Jerusalem. Mark the foreheads of the men who sigh & cry for the abominations going on’. He heard Him tell the others: ‘Follow him through the City and strike: spare not, pity not, slay the old man, young man, the virgin, children, & women; do not go near those with the mark: begin at My Sanctuary’. They began with the old men near the House. He said to them: ‘Defile the House, fill the Courts with the slain: go; they went and struck the City’. While striking, I fell to the ground, crying out: Lord Jehovah! are Yu going to destroy the Remnant of Israel in the outpouring of Yur Wrath on Jerusalem? He told him: ‘The iniquity of the House of Israel & Judah is very great, the Land is full of blood, the City full violence: they say, Jehovah has forsaken the Land, He sees nothing. I will not spare or pity, I’ll bring their way on their head’. The linen clothed Man with the inkhorn at his side, reported that he did as commanded.
Ezekiel saw in the firmament above the head of the Cherubim (Cherubs), above them, as a sapphire stone, as the likeness of a Throne. He told the linen clothed Man ‘to go in between the whirling (wheels), below the Cherub, to fill both hands with Coals of from between the Cherubim and sprinkle them over the City’. He went as Ezekiel watched. The Cherubim stood to the right of the House, while the Man entered; the cloud filled the inner Court. Jehovah’s Glory moved up from the Cherub to above the threshold of the House; the House was filled with the cloud; the Court was full of the brightness of Jehovah’s Glory. The sound of the Wings of the Cherubim was heard in the outer Court, as the Voice of God Almighty (El Shaddai) when He speaks. After He commanded the linen clothed Man to take the Fire from between the whirling wheels, the Cherub extended his hand from between the Cherubim to the Fire between the Cherubim, and took it, and put it in the Hands of the linen clothed Man, Who took it and went out. There appeared in the Cherubim the form of a man’s (human) hand under their wings. Ezekiel saw 4 wheels beside the Cherubim, one wheel beside one Cherub for each; the wheels where like beryl stone. The 4 looked alike, as if a wheel in a wheel. They moved in their 4 directions without turning, only moving in the direction of where the head looked, without turning. Their whole body, backs, hands, wings, and wheels were full of eyes all over; including the wheels the 4 had (shared). He heard the wheels were called the whirling (spiral, revolving, spinning, rotating) wheels. Each had 4 faces: 1st was of Cherub (ox-shaped, calf-like, bull-form), 2nd a human face, 3rd a lion face, and 4th an eagle face. The Cherubim ascended: this is the Living Creature (Creatures, Chaioth, Zöön, Animals, Tiere, Terrestrial) he saw by Chebar River. When the Cherubim moved, the wheels moved beside them; when they raised their wings to ascend from the earth, the wheels moved without turning. When they stopped, the wheels stopped; if they ascend, the wheels ascend: for the Spirit of the Living Creature was in the wheels. Jehovah’s Glory moved above the House’s threshold and stood above the Cherubim. The Cherubim raised their wings and ascended from the earth and moved in Ezekiel’s sight, the wheels beside them: they stood at the door of the East Gate of Jehovah’s House; the God of Israel’s Glory was above them. This is the same Living Creature he saw under the God of Israel by the Chebar River; he knew they were Cherubim. Each had 4 faces, each 4 wings, with a form of human hands under their wings. The faces & bodies were the same he saw earlier by Chebar River; each moved only straight.
The Spirit raised Ezekiel and took him to the East Gate of Jehovah’s House eastward: at the door of the gate 25 men; he saw among them Jaazaniah benAzzur, Pelatiah benBenaiah, princes of the people. He said to him: ‘Son of Man (BenAdam, AdamSon), these men devise iniquity, they give wicked counsel in this City; saying, let us not build houses yet: this is the caldron, and we are the meat. Prophesy against them Son of Man’. Jehovah’s Spirit fell on him, He told him to speak: ‘Jehovah says: you have spoken House of Israel; I know the things you think. You multiplied the slain in this City, filled the streets with the slaughtered. The Lord Jehovah says: the slain are the meat, the City is the caldron; yet a Remnant will survive. You feared the sword; I bring the sword on you, says the Lord Jehovah. I will lead you out into the hands of foreigners and execute judgments among you. You shall fall by the sword; I will judge you by the border of Israel; you will know I am Jehovah’. ‘It is the caldron, you are not the meat in it; I will judge you at the border of Israel; you will know I am Jehovah: you have not walked in My Statutes, neither executed My Ordinances, you followed the ordinances of the Gentiles nearby’. Ezekiel prophesied, Pelatiah benBenaiah died; Ezekiel lay prostrate crying aloud, ‘Lord Jehovah! will Yu make a full end of Israel’s Remnant’? The Lord’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, yur brethren, yur relatives, and Israel’s House, to whom the citizens of Jerusalem said: ‘Get away from Jehovah; this Land is our possession’. Tell them, the Lord Jehovah says: I exiled them to the Gentiles, I dispersed them to the countries, I will give you the Land of Israel. They’ll return, they’ll remove the detestable & abominable things. I’ll give them one heart, put a new spirit in them, exchange their stony heart with a heart of flesh to walk in My Statutes, keep My Ordinances to be My People, and I their God. Those who follow detestable & abominable things, I’ll repay, says the Lord Jehovah. The Cherubim raised their wings, the wheels beside them; and God’s Glory was above them. Jehovah’s Glory moved out of the City and stood on the mountain east of the City’. The Spirit raised him, transported him in the Vision by God’s Spirit to the Captivity Remnant in Chaldea. The Vision vanished. Ezekiel related to the Captivity Remnant Jehovah’s Visions’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, yu live with a Rebellious House, they have eyes to see, but see not, ears to hear, but don’t listen; they are a Rebellious House. Son of Man, prepare yur stuff to leave, leave by day in their sight; move from one place to another in their sight: perhaps they’ll consider, though they are a Rebellious House. Take yur stuff for leaving in their sight in the day, as exiles leave. Dig through the wall to leave in daylight in their sight. In their sight carry yur stuff on yur shoulder at nighttime; cover yur eyes to not see the ground: yu are a Sign to the House of Israel’. Ezekiel did as commanded: leaving by day digging through the wall; by night carrying it on the shoulder for them to see. In the morning Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, has the Rebellious House of Israel asked, ‘what are yu doing’? Tell them: The Lord Jehovah says: This Burden is of the Prince in Jerusalem, and Israel’s House there. The Prince shall leave with stuff on his shoulder in the dark, digging through the wall, with covered face, unable to see the ground. I’ll spread My Net to snare him; I’ll take him to Babylon of the Chaldeans; but he will be unable to see it, and he will die there. I’ll scatter to the winds those helper bands nearby; I’ll draw My Sword after them. They’ll know I am Jehovah in My dispersing & exiling them among the Gentiles & countries. I’ll spare a Remnant from the sword, from famine, and pestilence; to declare their abominations to the Gentiles; they’ll know I am Jehovah’ Jehovah’s Word again to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, eat yur bread with quaking, drink water with trembling & fright; tell the People of the Land: The Lord Jehovah says concerning Jerusalem’s citizens & Israel’s Land: They’ll eat their bread with quaking, their water in dismay; her Land is to be desolate of everything, because of its violence. The populated cities laid waste; the Land desolate: know I am Jehovah’. Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, what is this proverb in the Land of Israel: ‘The days are prolonged, every vision fails’. Tell them: The Lord Jehovah says: This proverb will cease, they’ll no longer use it; tell them, the days are at hand for the fulfilment of every vision; no more false vision nor flattering divination in the House of Israel. I am Jehovah; I’ll speak, and My Word will be performed’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, Israel’s House say: ‘His vision & prophecy is in the distant future’. Tell them: The Lord Jehovah says: None of My Words will be deferred any longer, they will be performed’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, prophesy against the prophesying prophets of Israel, who prophesy from their own heart: ‘Listen to Jehovah’s Word’. The Lord Jehovah says: Woe to the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit, but saw nothing! Israel, yur prophets are like foxes in the waste places. You’ve not fixed the gaps, not built the wall for Israel’s House, to stand in the battle in Jehovah’s day. They saw falsehood & lying divination, saying: Jehovah says; but Jehovah did not send them: making men to hope the Word be confirmed. You saw false vision, you spoke lying divination, saying, ‘Jehovah says’, but I did not. The Lord Jehovah says: Because you spoke falsehood, seen lies, I’m against you, says the Lord Jehovah. My Hand is against the prophets that see false visions & divine lies: they’ll not be in the council of My People, they’ll not be recorded in Israel’s House, they’ll not return to Israel’s Land; know I am Jehovah. They seduce My People, saying, ‘Peace’; but there is no peace; they build a wall with untempered mortar: tell them it will collapse by an overflowing shower with great hailstones & stormy wind wrecking it. When the wall falls, they’ll ask about the daubing. The Lord Jehovah says: I’ll wreck it with a stormy wind in My Wrath, an overflowing shower in My Anger, great hailstones in wrath to consume it. I’ll break down your untempered daubed wall to the foundation, destroying it; you will know I am Jehovah. I’ll accomplish My Wrath on your wall & its daubers: The wall & daubers are gone Israel’s prophets prophesying concerning Jerusalem, & see visions of her peace, but there is no peace, says Jehovah. Son of Man set yur face against the Daughters of yur People prophesying out of their own heart; tell them, the Lord Jehovah says: Woe to the women that sew pillows on elbows, make head coverings of all sizes to hunt souls. Will you hunt the souls of My People, but save souls for yourselves? You have profaned Me among My People for handfuls of barley, and pieces of bread to kill the innocent, to spare the guilty, by lying to My People who listen to your lies. The Lord Jehovah says: I’m against your pillows where you hunt souls to fly, I’ll tear then from your arms; I’ll free the hunted souls to fly’ Your kerchiefs I’ll tear to deliver My People out of your hand, never again to be hunted; know I am Jehovah. With lies you grieved the heart of the righteous without Me; you strengthened the hands of the wicked to continue in wickedness instead of turning to be saved. You will never again see false visions, nor divine divinations: I’ll deliver My People, you’ll know I am Jehovah’.
Israel’s Elders sat before Ezekiel: Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, these men have their idols in their heart, they put the offence of their iniquity before their face: I’ll not be inquired of them. Tell them , the Lord Jehovah says: Any man of Israel’s House with idols in his heart, with the offence of iniquity before his face, then comes to the Prophet; I Jehovah answer him according to his idols; so I may take Israel’s House in their heart, who are estranged from Me with their idols. Tell Israel’s House, the Lord Jehovah says: Return, turn away from your idols & abominations. Anyone of Israel’s House, or strangers sojourning in Israel, separates himself from Me with his heart idols, and the offence of his iniquity before his face, and comes to the Prophet to inquire of Me; Jehovah will answer him Himself; I’ll set My Face against him, make him an astonishment, a sign & a proverb, I’ll cut him off from My People; you’ll know I’m Jehovah. If the deceived Prophet speaks a word: I’ve deceived him, I’ll stretch out My Hand against him, I’ll destroy him from among My People Israel. They’ll share their iniquity, both Prophet & his seekers; Israel’s House will no longer stray from Me or defile themselves with their transgressions; to be My People, and I their God, says the Lord Jehovah’. Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, if a land sins against Me committing a trespass, if I extend My Hand on it, to break the staff of bread, to send famine, to cut off man & beast; though these 3 men, Noah, Daniel, & Job, were in it, their souls they’d deliver by their righteousness, says the Lord Jehovah. If evil beasts ravage & desolate the land, that nobody stays; these 3 men would deliver none but themselves. If I tell the sword to eradicate man & animals; these 3 men would only deliver themselves. If I send pestilence to pour out My Wrath to eradicate man & animals; Noah, Daniel, & Job they would only deliver their souls. The Lord Jehovah says: Though I send My 4 Severe Judgments on Jerusalem, the sword, famine, evil beasts, & pestilence, to exterminate man & animals: Yet a Remnant will survive of the Exile & Captivity to return; you’ll see their way & deeds; you’ll be comforted of the calamity I’ve brought on Jerusalem. They’ll comfort you when you see their ways & deeds; you’ll realize why I’ve done it, says the Lord Jehovah’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, is the vine-tree better than other trees, or the vine-branch special among the forest trees? Is wood from it used to make anything? or will a peg from it be used to hang a vessel? It is thrown in the fire to be entirely consumed as worthless wood. Before it was firewood it was useless, it is less than useless after the fire’. The Lord Jehovah says: ‘As the vine-tree among the forest trees, used for fuel, so will I give Jerusalem’s citizens. I’ll set My Face against them; they’ll go out of the fire, but it will still consume them; you’ll know I’m Jehovah, My Face is against you. I’ll desolate the Land for their trespass, says Jehovah’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations; tell Jerusalem for Me: Yur birth & nativity is of the land of the Canaanite; the Amorite yur father, yur mother a Hittite. Yur nativity, on yur birthday, yur navel-cord was cut, yu were not bathed, or salted, nor swaddled. No one pitied yu or cared to do these things for yu; yu were abandoned in the open field as a despised child. I passed by yu in yur weltering blood, I said to yu: Live, Live. I caused yu to multiply as grass in the field, yu increased in greatness, becoming an excellent ornament; yur breasts developed, yur hair grew; still yu were naked. Again, I passed by yu & looked, it was yur time of love (yu matured); I spread My Skirt over yu, I covered yur nakedness: I proposed & promised yu with a covenant & vow to become Mine, says the Lord Jehovah. I bathed yu to remove yur blood stains, I anointed yu with oil; I clothed yu with broidered work, with shoes of sealskin, I girded yu with fine linen, I covered yu with silk; I adorned yu with ornaments & jewelry, I put bracelets on yur hands, chains around yur neck; I put a nose-ring, ear-rings, and a crown on yur head. Yu were decked with gold & silver; yur clothes were of fine linen, silk, and embroidered work; yu ate fine flour, honey, & oil; yu were astonishingly beautiful, and prospered to royal estate & nobility. Yur fame & beauty spread among the Gentiles; perfect by My Majesty I lavished on yu, says the Lord Jehovah. Yu trusted in yur beauty, played the harlot in yur fame, pour out yur sexuality on every visitor to have. Yur dresses yu made for the high places decked with various colors to play the harlot with them: nothing like this ever was or will be. Yur fair jewels of My Gold & My Silver I gave yu, yu made into images of men to be a whore with them; yu took the embroidered clothes to cover them and set My Oil & My Incense before them. My Bread & fine flour, oil, & honey I gave yu, yu set it before them for a sweet savor, says the Lord Jehovah. Yu took yur sons & daughters, My babies, yu sacrificed them to be devoured. Yur prostitution was not enough, yu murdered My babies, giving them up to destruction. In yur abominations & harlotry yu forgot yur younger days, when yu were naked & bare, wallowing in yur blood. After all yur wickedness, (woe, woe to yu! says the Lord Jehovah,) yu built a vaulted place; and a lofty place in every street at the head of every way; yu made yur beauty an abomination, and opened yur legs to every passerby to multiply yur whoredom. Yu committed fornication with yur huge Egyptian neighbors, multiplying yur prostitution to provoke Me to anger. I have extended My Hand over yu to diminish yur supply, to deliver yu to yur haters, the daughters of the Philistines, who are ashamed of yur lewdness. Yu were an unsatisfied insatiable harlot also with the Assyrians. Yu extended yur prostitution to Chaldea, the land of great commerce, yet still unsatisfied. Yur heart fails, says the Lord Jehovah, that yu work as a shameless harlot; establishing yur brothels at the prominent locations, on every street, and not as an ordinary prostitute, yu refuse to be paid. An Adulteress Wife! takes strangers instead of her husband! Harlots are given gifts, but you reward yur lovers, yu bribe & solicit them to yu all around with yur sexuality. Yu are a unique harlot woman; other harlots don’t follow yur example to play without pay. Harlot listen to Jehovah’s Word: The Lord Jehovah says, yur filthiness was free-flowing, yur naked-body was uncovered in prostitution with yur lovers; because the idols of yur abominations, for yur children’s blood, that yu gave them. I’ll gather all yur lovers of lust & pleasure & those disliked turning against yu on all sides, to uncover yur naked-body & see yur nakedness. I’ll judge yu as those women of adultery & baby-murder, to bring on yu the blood of wrath & jealousy. I’ll give yu to them to destroy yur brothels, private places, to strip yu of clothes & jewels; to make yu completely naked. They’ll bring a company against yu to stone yu, slash yu with swords; torch yur houses, condemn yu before other women, to end yur prostitution, paying yur lovers. But I will stop My Wrath on yu, My jealousy to leave, I’ll be still, no longer angry. Yu forgot yur younger days, raging against Me by yur conduct; I’ll repay yu says the Lord Jehovah, to end sexual immorality & abominations. The proverb users will say: ‘Like Mother so Daughter’! Yu are yur mother’s daughter who despises husband & children; yu are yur sisters’ sister who despises husband & children: your mother was Hittite, yur father Amorite. Yur older sister is Samaria, who lives at yur left hand, she & her daughters; yur younger sister, to yur right, is Sodom with her daughters. Yu have not followed their example in abominations, but in comparison yu were worse than both in corruption. As I live, says the Lord Jehovah, yur sister Sodom with her daughters, are nothing compared to yu with yur daughters. Yur sister Sodom’s iniquity: pride, plenty of bread, leisure for her & her daughters; neglecting the poor & needy. They were haughty in abomination before me, so I got rid of them. Samaria has not committed half yur sins; yu multiplied yur abominations more than they; yu’ve justified yur sisters by yur conduct. Yur shame has given judgment for yur sisters: by yur abominable sins they are righteous in comparison; be confounded in shame for this. I’ll reverse their Captivity, Sodom & her daughters, with the Captivity of Samaria & her daughters, even the Captivity of the captives; to shame yu for yur conduct & bad example. Yur sisters Sodom & Samaria with all their daughters shall be restored to their former estate. Yur sister Sodom is not mentioned in yur day of pride, before yur vice was exposed, like the time of the reproach of the daughters of Syria, with her neighbors, the daughters of the Philistines, that assault yu. Yu have borne yur immorality & abominations, says Jehovah. The Lord Jehovah says: I’ll requite yu for despising My Oath in breaking My Covenant. I’ll remember My Covenant made in yur younger days, to establish an everlasting Covenant. Yu’ll remember yur ways in shame with both yur sisters; I’ll restore them to yu, but not with yur covenant. I’ll re-establish My Covenant with yu; yu’ll know I’m Jehovah; that yu remember in shame to never again say anything shameful, after I’ve forgiven yur conduct, says the Lord Jehovah’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, relate a riddle & parable to Israel’s House, saying, the Lord Jehovah says: A great Eagle with great Wings and long flight Feathers with various colors, came to Lebanon, and landed at the top of cedar trees: he cropped off the topmost young Twigs, carried it to the land of commerce; he set it in a city of merchants. He took seed from the land, planted it in a fruitful soil; he placed it beside many waters; he set it as a willow tree. It grew, a spreading Vine of small size, the branches leaned towards the Eagle, the roots were below him: it became a Vine with branches & sprigs. A second great Eagle with great Wings and many Feathers: the Vine leaned its root toward him, from the beds of its plantation to be watered; planted in good soil by many waters, to bring forth branches, to bear fruit, to be a valued Vine. The Lord Jehovah says: Shall it prosper? he’ll uproot it, cut off its fruit to wither it, even the fresh leaves; that not a strong man or many people will raise its roots. If re-planted, will it prosper? it will utterly wither when the east wind touches it, it will wither in the beds it grew in’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Tell that Rebellious House: Don’t you know what this means? Tell them: the King of Babylon came to Jerusalem, took its King & princes, and brought them with him to Babylon: he took of the Royal Seed, covenanted with him in oath, also he removed the mighty of the Land; to debase the Kingdom, that it never to rise up, but in keeping his Covenant it should stand. But he rebelled against him in sending ambassadors to Egypt to get horses & people. Will he prosper, or escape? to break the Covenant and escape? The Lord Jehovah says: in the place of the King who made King, whose Oath he despised, Covenant he broke, he’ll die with him in Babylon. Pharaoh with his great army & company will not help in war, when they cast up mounds & build forts, to cut off many. He despised the Oath & broke the Covenant in handshake, then betrayed, he’ll never escape. The Lord Jehovah says: My Oath he despised, My Covenant he broke; I’ll requite on his head. I’ll spread My Net on him to catch him in My Snare, I’ll bring him to Babylon, I’ll judge his trespasses against Me. His fugitives from his bands will fall by sword, the Remnant scattered by the winds: you’ll know Jehovah spoke. The Lord Jehovah says: I’ll take of the lofty cedar top, set it; crop its topmost young tender twigs, I’ll re-plant it on a high lofty mountain: in the highest mountain of Israel: it will grow boughs, fruit, as a fine cedar: under it will dwell every winged bird in the shade of its branches. The trees of the field will know Jehovah cut down the tall tree, exalted the low tree, dried the green tree, and made the dry tree flourish: Jehovah spoke & did it’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘What is this proverb of the Land of Israel: ‘The fathers ate sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge’? The Lord Jehovah says: never again will you use this proverb in Israel. All souls are Mine of the father & the son: the soul who sins shall alone die. If a just man is lawful & does right, not eaten sacrifices on the mountain, not lifted his eyes to the idols of Israel’s House, not defiled his neighbor’s wife, not come near sexually to a woman in menstruation, not wronged anyone, but restored to the debtor his pledge, not robbed others, shared his bread with the hungry, and clothed the naked with clothes; not lent on interest, not taken increase from loans, has withdrawn from iniquity, has executed justice between men, has walked in My Statutes, kept My Ordinances, dealing truly; he is just & will live, says Jehovah. If his son is a robber, murderer, or the such like; who instead eats on the mountains, defiles his neighbors wife, wronged the poor & needy, robbed, keeps the pledge, lifted his eyes to idols, commits abomination, lent on interest, collected usury; he will not live: he did abomination, lent on interest, and taken increase; he shall not live because of his abominations; he will die with his own blood guilt. If he too has a son, who sees his father’s actual sins, and fears to do such like; he ate not on the mountains, not raised eyes to the idols of Israel’s, not defiled neighbor’s wife, not wronged others, not kept the pledge, not robbed, but shared his bread with the hungry, and clothed the naked; has not refused help to the poor, not taken interest or gain, has executed My Ordinances, walked in My Statutes; he must not die for his father’s iniquity, he must live. But his father who cruelly oppressed, robbed, did crimes, he must die for his iniquity. But you say, ‘Why must not the son share his father’s crime’? the son who is law-abiding & right, kept indeed My Statutes, he must live. The soul who sins must die: the son must not share his father’s guilt, the father must not share the son’s guilt; the righteousness of the righteous is his own, and the wickedness of the wicked is his own. If the wicked turns from his sins to keep My Statutes, to be lawful & right, he must live, he must not die. His former transgressions must not be remembered against him: in his present righteousness he must live. Do I enjoy the death of the wicked? says the Lord Jehovah; no, only that he returns from his way to live. If the righteous man turns from his righteousness, commits crimes, acts like a criminal, should he live? None of his former good deeds will be remembered: in his trespass & sins he must die. If a wicked man turns from his crimes, is lawful abiding & right, his soul must live; because he considers, and turned away from his transgressions, he must live. But Israel’s House says, ‘The Lord’s Way is unfair’. House of Israel are not My Ways fair, and your ways unfair? I’ll judge everyone’s ways of Israel’s House, says the Lord Jehovah. Return to Me from your transgressions, that iniquity does not ruin you. Abandon your continual transgressions; make a new heart and a new spirit: why must you die House of Israel? I don’t enjoy your death for transgressions, says the Lord Jehovah: return & live’.
Again, take a Lamentation for the Princes of Israel: ‘Yur mother is a Lioness; she couched among lions; among young lions she nourished her cubs. She raised one of her cubs, he became a Young Lion, he learned to catch the prey, he devoured men. The Gentiles heard about him; he was caught in their pit; they took him by hooks to the land of Egypt. They saw her wait till hope was lost, then she took another cub to become a Young Lion. He moved among the young lions; he hunted the prey & devoured men. He knew their palaces, wasted their cities; the land was desolate with its fulness, because of his roars. The Gentiles set against him from the provinces; they spread their net over him, he was trapped in their pit. They put him in a cage with hooks, took him to Babylon; they imprisoned him never again his voice to be heard on Israel’s mountains. Yur mother was like a Vine, in yur blood, planted by rivers: fruitful & full of branches, well-watered; with strong rods for the scepters of rulers, their stature was exalted among the thick boughs, seen tall with many branches. But it was uprooted, thrown to the ground, the east wind dried its fruit: its strong rods were broken off & withered; the fire consumed them. It is re-planted in the dry & thirsty wilderness. The fire is on the rods of its branches, its fruit devoured, no longer a rod for a ruler’s sceptre. This is a Lamentation of Lamentations’.

In the 7th year, 5th month, 10th day, some of the Elders of Israel sat before Ezekiel and inquired of Jehovah: Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, tell the Elders of Israel, the Lord Jehovah says: Why are yu inquiring of Me? I will not be inquired by you. Judge them, Son of Man; cause them to know their fathers’ abominations; tell them, when I chose Israel, and made-oath to the seed of Jacob’s House, made Myself known to them in Egypt, and promised to rescue them, and bring them to a Land I found for them, flowing with milk & honey, the glory of all lands. I told them to discard their abominations of their eyes, to not defile themselves with idols of Egypt. They rebelled, refused to listen, did not discard their abominations, did not forsake Egypt’s idols. I threatened to exhaust My Wrath & Anger against them in Egypt. I preserved My Name to not be profaned to the Gentiles, to whom I revealed Myself in the Exodus from Egypt. After the Exodus I led them to the Wilderness; gave them My statutes, revealed My Ordinances, to do & live. I gave them My Sabbaths as a Sign to know Me as their Sanctifier. They rebelled against in the Desert, walked not in My Statutes, rejected My Ordinances, to keep & live; they profaned My Sabbaths. I threatened to consume them in My Wrath in the Wilderness. I preserved My Name with the Gentiles who saw Me save them. I promised them in the Desert the good Land flowing with milk & honey, a glorious Land; they rejected My Ordinances, walked not in My Statutes, profaned My Sabbaths: their hearts followed their idols. I spared them, not destroying them, nor eradicating them in the Desert. I told their children in the Wilderness, Walk not in your fathers’ statutes, nor observe their ordinances, nor defile yourselves with their idols. I am Jehovah your God: walk in My Statutes, keep My Ordinances, sanctify My Sabbaths which are Sign between Me & you, that you know Jehovah your God. The children rebelled against Me; walked not in My Statutes, kept not My Ordinances, to do & live; they profaned My Sabbaths. I threatened to exterminate them in My anger in the Desert. I restrained My Hand, acted for My Name’s sake, to not be profaned among the Gentiles who saw Me deliver them in the Exodus. I warned them in the Wilderness that I’d scatter them among the Gentiles, disperse in the countries, for not executing My Ordinances, but rejected My Statutes & profaned My Sabbaths, lusting their fathers’ idols. I gave them useless & impossible statutes & ordinances; I polluted them in their gifts, for sacrificing the babies, to their desolation; they’ll know I’m Jehovah’. ‘Son of Man tell the House of Israel, the Lord Jehovah says: Your fathers blasphemed Me & violated Me. When I led them to the promised Land, on the high hills & thick trees they offered their sacrifices, their provocation offerings of sweet savor and poured their libations. I asked them: Why do you go the high place? (Named & still called Bamah (High-Place)). Tell them: Why pollute yourselves like your fathers, whoring with their abominations? you offer gifts with your kids sacrificed in fires to pollute yourselves with idols to this date. Should I be inquired by you? I’ll never be inquired by you; you think & say, ‘We’ll be as the Gentiles, as the families of the countries nearby, to serve wood & stone’. I will extend My Hand & Arm & be relentless, wrath be to your King; to regather you from the Gentiles & countries nearby in your diaspora; to bring you into the wilderness of peoples, to enter into judgment Face to face. As I entered judgment with your fathers in the desert of Egypt, I’ll judge you. I’ll cause you to pass under the rod, I’ll bring you into Bond of the Covenant; I’ll purge out the rebels, My violators; I’ll force them from the land where they sojourn, but they will never enter the Land of Israel. As for you, House of Israel, says the Lord Jehovah: Go serve your idols, since you refuse to listen to Me; My Holy Name will never again be profaned with your gifts & idols. In My Holy Mountain, the Mount of the Height of Israel, says the Lord Jehovah, all the House of Israel will serve Me in the Land: there I’ll accept them, and require your offerings, and the first-fruits of your oblations, with all your holy things. As a sweet savor I’ll accept you, I’ll regather you, I’ll sanctify you in the sight of the Gentiles. Then you’ll know Me Who led you into the Land of Israel, the country I promised your fathers. You’ll remember your ways, deeds, your pollutions; you’ll be ashamed of all your evils. You’ll know Me, when I’ve dealt with you for My Name’s sake, against your vices & corruptions’. Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, set yur face southward, drop-words & prophesy against the Forest of the field in the South; tell the Forest of the South, Hear Jehovah’s Word: The Lord Jehovah says: I’ll kindle a fire in yu, it will devour every green, every dry tree: the flaming flame will not be extinguished, all faces south to north will be torched. All will know that I did it’. Then Ezekiel complained to the Lord that they say, ‘Is he not a speaker of parables?’
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, face Jerusalem, proclaim toward the Sanctuaries, prophesy against the Land of Israel: I’m against yu, I’ll unsheathe My Sword, will cut off the righteous & the wicked; My sword will go against all flesh from south to north: it will not return. Sigh, Son of Man, with shaking loins, with bitterness. If they ask you why, tell them, news will come to melt every heart, to weaken the hands, every spirit faint, all knees like water: it will happen’. Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, prophesy: A sword is sharpened & polished, for slaughter, as lightning: why celebrate? my son’s rod despises every tree. The sword is polished & sharpened for use by the slayer. Son of Man, cry & wail, it is on My People, on all princes of Israel: they are delivered to the sword with My People; smite on yur thigh. This is a trial, even if the despising rod is gone. Son of Man, prophesy, strike yur hands together; double the sword a third time, the sword of the deadly wounded, for the great one deadly wounded hiding in their chambers. The threatening sword is against the gates, hearts melt, their stumbling multiplied, as lightening, for slaughter. Gather to the right in array, to the left where yur face is set. I’ll strike My Hands together; I’ll cause My Wrath to rest’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, appoint two ways for the King of Babylon to come, both ways from the same land: mark it at the head entrance to the City. Choose a way for the sword to come to Rabbah of the Ammonites, and to Judah’s fortified Jerusalem. Babylon’s King stood at the crossroads, using divination, shaking arrows to this or that, he consulted the Teraphim, he looked in the liver. In the right-hand divination for Jerusalem, to set battering rams, to open the mouth in slaughter, with sounds of loud shouting, battering the gates, to cast up mounds, to build forts. To them it is like false divination, with sworn oaths, to remember iniquity, to be caught. Yur remembered crimes, yur naked violations, in all visible sins; yu are remembered & will be captured. Yu, the fatally wounded wicked one, Prince of Israel, it’s the time of the end of iniquity: Remove the mitre, off with the crown; never again the same; exalt the low, abase the high. I’ll overturn, overturn, overturn it: never again the same, till He comes Whose right it is; & I’ll give it to Him. Son of Man, prophesy: Concerning the Ammonites, of their reproach, A polished sword is drawn for slaughter to devour as lightning; while they see for yu false visions, divine lies, to lay yu on the necks of the fatally wounded wicked, in the time of iniquity’s end. Return it to its sheath; in the place of yur creation, in the land of yur nativity, I’ll judge yu. I’ll pour out My Indignation on yu; I’ll blow on yu with the fire of My Wrath; I’ll deliver yu to brutish men, skilful to destroy. Yu’ll be fuel to the fire; yur blood in the midst of the land; yu’ll be forgotten’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, judge the bloody city; expose all her abominations; a murderous City, her time is come, who defiles herself with idols. Yu are blood guilty in killing, defiled with handmade idols; yur days & years are near: I’ve made yu a reproach to the nations, a mocking to all countries. Those near & far will mock, infamous one full of tumult. The princes of Israel in yu, each one murders; each dishonor father & mother; each oppresses sojourners; each mistreats the orphan & widow. Yu despised My Holy Things, profaned My Sabbaths; in yu slanderers murder, eating on top of the mountains; they committed immorality; they shamed their father’s nakedness; they shamed the unclean on her periods. One commits abomination with his neighbor’s wife; another sexually defiled his daughter-in-law; another rapes his sister, his father’s daughter; some take bribes for murder; one takes interest & usury, profiting from fellow citizens by oppression; yu have forgotten Me. I struck My Hands at yur dishonest gain yu made, and the murders in yu. Will yur heart or hands endure in the days I deal with yu. I said it, I’ll do it. I’ll scatter yu among the Gentiles, disperse to countries nearby; I’ll consume away yur filthiness; to be profaned before the Gentiles; yu’ll know I am Jehovah’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, Israel’s House is Dross to Me: they are brass, tin, iron, lead, in the furnace; they are dross of silver. I’ll gather you in the midst of Jerusalem; as the 4 metals melt in the furnace with blowing fire to melt it; you are in My Anger & Wrath to melt you. I’ll gather you, blow on you with the fire of My Wrath and melt you; as silver is melted in the furnace, so you will melt in My outpoured Wrath. Son of Man say to her: Yu are an uncleansed Land, without rain in the day of indignation. A conspiracy of her prophets, like a roaring lion devouring prey, they devour souls; they confiscate treasures & valuables; they make many widows. Her priests assaulted My Law, polluted My Holy Things; the holy & the common are treated the same, unclean & clean as the same, they ignored My Sabbaths; I’m profaned among them. Her princes are like wolves tearing the prey, to murder, to destroy, to swindle. Her prophets plaster with cheap mortar, see false visions, divine lies for them, telling them the Lord Jehovah says, which I did not. The people oppress in the Land, practice robbery, vexed the poor & needy, and wrongly oppressed the sojourner. I sought a man among them to build the wall, stand in the gap before Me for the Land, that I do not destroy it, but found none. I poured out My Indignation on them, I consumed them with the fire of My Wrath: I repaid them with their own way’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, there were Two Women, the Daughters of one Mother: they were young harlots in Egypt; their breasts were fondled in their virginity. The oldest was named Oholah, the younger sister was Oholibah: they became Mine; they gave birth to sons & daughters. Samaria is Oholah, Jerusalem is Oholibah. Oholah was a harlot wife, she flirted with her lovers, on the Assyrians neighbors, clothed in blue, governors & rulers, desirable young men, horse riders. She prostituted with the best of the Assyrians, she solicited, with their idols she defiled herself. She has never abandoned her prostitution from Egypt to this moment; in her youth she fornicated, they fondled her virgin breasts; they spent their fornication on her. I deserted her to her Assyrian lovers she solicited. They uncovered her nakedness; they enslaved her children; they slew her with the sword: she became a byword among women; they executed judgments on her. Hers sister Oholibah saw this but was more corrupt in her solicitation & prostitution than her older sister. She solicited the Assyrians, the governors & rulers, neighbors, excellently clothed, horse riders, desirable youths. I watched their impurity: they both did the same thing. She increased her prostitution; she saw men portrayed on the wall, images of Chaldeans painted with vermilion-red, loins girdled, full head-turbans, like princes, like the Babylonians in Chaldea, the land of their nativity. As soon as she saw them, she solicited; sent messengers to them in Chaldea. The Babylonians came to her in the bed of love, they defiled her with sex, she was polluted with them, her soul was alienated from them. She stripped as a whore: My Soul was alienated from her, as My Soul was alienated from her sister. She multiplied her harlotry as when she was a young prostitute in Egypt, she solicited their adultery, with their flesh like donkeys, their offspring like horses. Yu recalled the immorality of yur youth, yur young breasts fondled by the Egyptians. Oholibah: I’ll raise yur lovers against yu, alienated from yu, I’ll bring them against yu on all sides: the Babylonians & Chaldeans, Pekod, Shoa & Koa, with the Assyrians; desirable young men, governors & rulers, princes & nobles, horse riders. They’ll assault yu with weapons, chariots, wagons, company of peoples; with buckler & shield & helmet; I’ll give them judgment to judge yu. My Jealousy will be against yu, they’ll deal with yu in fury; they’ll slice off yur nose & ears; yur Remnant will fall by the sword: they’ll take yur kids; yur Remnant will be devoured by fire. They’ll strip yu of clothes, remove yur nice jewels. I’ll remove yur vice, yur Egyptian prostitution, to shame yu to them, to make yu forget Egypt. I’ll deliver yu over to yur enemies & pimps; they’ll hate yu, steal yur pay, leave yu naked; the nakedness of yur whoredoms will be uncovered by yur fornication & prostitution. These things will happen to yu for yur prostitution with the Gentiles, yu were polluted with their idols. Yu followed the steps of yur sister, yu must drink of her cup. Drink her cup, deep & large; yu’ll be laughed to scorn, be in derision; a full cup. Yu’ll be filled with drunkenness & sorrow, with astonishment & desolation, with yur sister Samaria’s cup; drink & empty it, gnaw its sherds, tear yur breasts; I’ve spoken. Yu forgot Me, turn yur back to Me; keep yur fornication & prostitution’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, judge Oholah & Oholibah; declare their abominations. They’ve committed adultery, blood is on their hands; they committed adultery with their idols; they sacrificed their children, my babies, to pass through the fire to be devoured. They defiled My Sanctuary on the same day, they profaned My Sabbaths. The same day they murdered their kids, they came to My Sanctuary to profane it; they did it in My House! Yu invited men far away by yur messengers; yu washed yurself, painted yur eyes, decked yurself with jewelry, yu sat on a stately bed, with a prepared table, and put My Incense & Oil. The voice of a multitude at ease: common men with desert drunkards; they put bracelets on their hands, crowns on their heads. They went to her as to a harlot; they went to Oholah & Oholibah, lewd women (sluts). Righteous men must judge them with the judgment of adulteresses, with judgment murderous women; they are murderous adulteresses. I’ll bring a band against them, to toss them about, and robbed. The band will stone them, dispatch them with swords, slay their kids, and torch their houses. I’ll remove vice from the Land, that women may never practice immorality. They’ll recompence yur immorality, yu’ll bear the sins of yur idols; yu’ll know I’m Jehovah’.

Again, in the 9th year, the 10th month, the 10th of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, write down today’s date: Babylon’s King advanced to Jerusalem on this date: Utter a Parable to the Rebellious House, tell them for Me: Set on the Caldron, fill it with water: throw in the best of butchered-pieces, the thigh, shoulder, and choice bones to boil. Woe to the Bloody City! the rusty old Caldron; remove the butchered pieces; no lot is fallen on it. Within her is blood, in the open, it is poured on the ground, covered with dirt. Woe to the bloody City! I’ll make the pile big: pile on wood, increase the flames, boil the meat, thicken the broth, the bones burned. Set the empty pot on the coals, make it very hot, burn its brass, and its filthiness be molten in it, that the rust be consumed. She is wearied with toil; her rust remains after the fire. In yur dirtiness is immorality; I cleansed yu, but yu are still unclean; yu’ll remain unclean, till My Wrath on yu find rest. I’ve spoken, it will happen, I’ll do it: I’ll not restrain or spare or repent; according to yur ways & doings they’ll judge yu’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, I’ll take away the desire of yur eyes in one stroke: yu must not mourn nor weep, no tears must run down. Sigh silently, do not mourn for the dead; secure yur head-band, put on yur sandals, cover not yur lips, eat no bread of men’. He told the people in the morning; at evening his wife died; next morning he did as he was told. The people asked: ‘Tell us why yu do this’? He told them that Jehovah’s Word came to him to tell Israel’s House: ‘I’ll profane My Sanctuary, the pride of your power, the desire of your eyes, what your pities; the rest of your kids will fall by the sword. You’ll do like him; your lips uncovered, without men’s bread to eat. Your gears on your heads, sandals on your feet; you will not mourn nor weep; you’ll pine away in your iniquities, to moan for one another. Ezekiel is a Sign to you; as he did so will you; when it happens, you’ll know it is Me. Son of Man, in the day I remove their strength, the joy of their glory, the desire of their eyes, what they set their hearts on, their children; the escapee will bring news to yur ears. In that day yur mouth will be open to the escapee to break silence & speak so yu may be a Sign to the Jews’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, face toward the Ammonites and prophesy against them: Yu laughed at My Sanctuary, when it was profaned; and against Israel’s Land when desolate; against Judah’s House going into Captivity: I’ll deliver yu to the Children of the East (Beni-Qedem, Easterners, Sons of the East) for a possession, they’ll encamp against yu, reside in yu; they’ll eat yur fruit & drink yur milk. I’ll make Rabbah a stable for camels, the Ammonites places for flocks: you’ll know I’m Jehovah. Yu clapped yur hands, stamped yur feet, rejoiced with yur soul’s despite against Israel’s Land; I’ve extended My Hand on yu, I’ll deliver yu as spoil to the nations; I’ll cut yu off from the peoples, I’ll get rid of yu from the countries: I’ll destroy yu; yu’ll know I’m Jehovah’. To Moab & Seir say: ‘Judah’s House is like that of the Gentiles; I’ll open Moab’s borders by the cities of its frontiers, the glory of the country, Beth-jeshimoth, Baal-meon, & Kiriathaim, for the Children of the East (Beni-Qedem) against the Ammonites; I’ll give them for a possession, that the Ammonites will be forgotten among the nations; I’ll execute judgments on Moab; they’ll know I’m Jehovah. Edom dealt against Judah’s House in vengeance, greatly offended, and revenged himself on them; I’ll extend My Hand on Edom, I’ll cutoff man & beast; I’ll desolate it from Teman to Dedan by the sword. I’ll spend My Vengeance on Edom by the hand of My People Israel; to do in Edom according to My Anger & Wrath; to know My Vengeance’. Jehovah’s Word:. ‘The Philistines executed vengeance with soul’s despite to destroy with perpetual enmity; I’ll extend My Hand on the Philistines, I’ll cut off the Cherethites, and destroy the remnant of the seacoast. I’ll execute vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes; they’ll know Me when My Vengeance is on them’.

In the 11th year, the 1st of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, Tyre spoke against Jerusalem: ‘The Gate of the peoples is broken; she turned to me; I’ll be replenished in her ruin’: I’m against yu Tyre, I’ll cause many nations to come against yu, as sea waves. They’ll destroy the walls of Tyre, demolish her towers; I’ll scrape her dust, make her a bare rock. She’ll be a place for spreading nets in the sea; I’ve spoken, she’ll become a spoil of the nations. Her daughters will be slain with the sword; they’ll know I’m Jehovah. I’ll bring on Tyre King Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon, King of Kings, from the north, with horses, chariots, horsemen, troops, & many people. He’ll slay yur daughters in the field; he’ll make forts against yu, fortify against yu, & raise buckler against yu; his battering rams against yur walls; his axes break down yur towers. The dust from his many horses will cover yu; yur walls will shake at his horsemen, wagons, & chariots, on entering yur gates, as invaders enter a breached city. His horses’ hoofs will tread yur streets; his sword will slay yur people; yur strong pillars will collapse. Yur wealth is spoiled, yur merchandise his prey; yur walls they’ll demolish, destroy yur pleasant houses; yur stones, timber, & dirt in the sea. Yur songs will cease; yur harps silent forever; I’ll make yu a bare rock, and a place for spreading of nets; yu’ll never be rebuilt, I’ve spoken. The Lord Jehovah says to Tyre: the isles will shake at yur fall, when the wounded groan, and the slaughtered in yu. The princes of the sea will leave their thrones, lay aside their robes, remove their embroidered clothes; they’ll cloth themselves with trembling; they’ll tremble on the ground continuously astonished. They’ll take up a lamentation for yu, saying, are yu destroyed who was inhabited by seafaring men, the renowned city, sea strong, she & her population, a terror to all her residents! The islands tremble in the day yu fall; the isles of the sea dismayed at yur departure. I’ll make yu a desolate city, like the uninhabited cities; I’ll bring the deep waters to flood yu; I’ll drag yu down with them to those who descend to the pit, to the ancient people, I’ll relocate yu to the lowest depths of the earth, places desolate of old, with those who go down to the pit, to make yu uninhabited; I’ll set glory in the land of the living. I’ll make yu a terror, but never again to be found’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, give a Lamentation concerning Tyre: Yu dwell by the entrance of the sea, the sea merchant of the peoples to many islands; yu’ve said, ‘I’m perfect in beauty’. Yur borders are in the heart of the seas; yur builders perfected yur beauty. They’ve made yur planks from Senir’s fir-trees; yur cedar from Lebanon to make a mast for yu. Yur oars from the oaks of Bashan; yur benches of ivory inlaid in boxwood, from the isles of Kittim. Yur sail of fine linen embroidered from Egypt, to be an ensign; yur awning of blue & purple from the isles of Elishah. Yur rowers were Sidonians & Arvadites: Tyre, yur pilots’ wise men. Yur caulkers were the old & wise of Gebal: the sea ships & sailors were merchants. Persia, Lud, & Put were warriors in yur army: they hanged the shield & helmet in yu to display yur beauty. The Arvadites were on yur walls with yur army, brave men in yur towers; they hanged their shields on all yur walls; they perfected yur beauty. Tarshish was yur merchant with the abundance of their wealth, silver, iron, tin, and lead, they traded for yur wares. Yur trading partners were Javan, Tubal, & Meshech; trading workers & brass vessels for yur merchandise. The House of Togarmah traded yur wares for their horses & mules. The Dedanites were yur trade partners; many islands were marketplace: trading yur wares for their emeralds, purple, embroidered work, fine linen, coral, and rubies. Judah & the Land of Israel were your traders for yur products their wheat of Minnith, pannag, honey, oil, and balm. Damascus was yur merchant for yur many handcrafts for their many riches, with the wine of Helbon, and white wool. Vedan & Javan traded yur wares for their bright iron, cassia, & calamus merchandise. Dedan supplied yur riding clothes. Arabia, and the princes of Kedar were yur traders for lambs & goats. The merchants of Sheba & Raamah traded for yur products with their best spices, rare stones, & gold. Yu traded with Haran, Canneh, Eden, Sheba, Asshur, & Chilmad: trading choice wares, wrappings of blue & embroidered work, chests of rich apparel, bound with chords, made of cedar-wood; these were yur commerce. Tarshish’s ships were caravans of supplies for yur merchandise: yu were replenished, famous in the seas. Yur rowers took yu to great distant waters: the east wind broke yu in the heart of the seas. Yur riches, wares, merchandise, mariners, pilots, caulkers, dealers of yur goods, warriors & troops, will fall in the seas in the day of yur ruin. Suburbs will shake at the sound of yur sea pilots abandoning their ships to reach land; their voices will be heard louder than yurs, with bitter cries, throwing dirt on their heads, and wallow in the ashes: they’ll make themselves bald for yu, gird with sackcloth, weep in bitterness of soul & mourning. In their wailing they’ll sing a lamentation for yu, to lament yu: ‘Who is like Tyre, brought to silence in the sea’? Yur wares from the seas supplied many peoples; yu enriched kings of the earth with great wealth of products & goods. Yu were broken at sea in the depths of waters, yur goods & troops fell within yu. The islanders were astonished, their kings terrified, their face troubled. The merchants of the peoples hiss at yu; yu were a terror, but never to be again’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, tell the Prince of Tyre: Yur heart is proud, yu said, ‘I’m God, I sit in God’s Seat, in the midst of the seas’; yu’re man and not God, though yu set yur heart as God’s Heart: yu are wiser than Daniel; no secret is hidden from yu; by yur wisdom & understanding yu got riches, gold & silver treasures; with great wisdom in trade yu increased yur wealth, yur heart is exalted for yur wealth. Yu set yur heart as God’s Heart; I’ll bring strangers on yu, terror of the nations, they’ll draw their swords against yur onerous wisdom, they’ll defile yur brightness. They’ll drag yu down to the pit to die the death of the slain in the heart of the seas. Will yu still say to Him Who slays yu: ‘I am God’? yu are man not God in the Hand of Him Who wounds yu. Yu’ll die the death of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers: I’ve spoken’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, give a Lamentation concerning the King of Tyre: Tell him: Yu seal totality, full of wisdom, perfect in beauty. Yu were in Eden, God’s Garden; every precious stone was yur covering: the sardius, topaz, diamond, onyx, jasper, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle, & gold: the workmanship of yur tabrets & pipes were in yu; in the day yu were created they were prepared. Yu were the Anointed Cherub that covers, I stationed yu, yu were on God’s Holy Mountain; yu walked up & down in the stones of fire. Yu were perfect in yur ways from yur creation till unrighteousness was found in yu. By the abundance of your commerce they filled the midst of yu with violence, yu sinned: I discarded yu as profane out of God’s Mountain; I destroyed yu, covering Cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire. Yur heart was inflated for yur beauty; yur wisdom was corrupted because of yur brightness: I’ve thrown yu to the ground; I’ve laid yu before kings to stare at yu. By yur great iniquities, in yur unrighteous commerce, yu profaned My Sanctuaries; I brought from yu a fire to devour yu, to turn yu to ashes on the ground before all who stare at yu. All who know yu among the peoples will be astonished at yu: yu were a terror, but never again to be’. Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, face toward Sidon: prophesy against it: Sidon I’m against yu; I’ll be glorified in yur midst; they’ll know I’m Jehovah, when I’ve executed judgments in her, and be sanctified in her. I’ll send pestilence on her, blood in her streets; her wounded will fall, the sword all around; they’ll know Me. Never again pricking of brier to the House of Israel, nor the hurting thorn to do despite; they’ll know Me. When I’ve gathered Israel’s House from the peoples of their dispersion, and be sanctified in the sight of the Gentiles, they’ll dwell in their own Land that I gave to My Servant Jacob. They’ll dwell securely; they’ll build houses, plant vineyards, and live safely, after I’ve executed judgments on their despisers; they’ll know I’m Jehovah their God’.

In the 10th year, on the 10th, in the 12th of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, face against King Pharaoh of Egypt, prophesy against him & Egypt: I’m against yu, King Pharaoh of Egypt, the Great Monster who lurks in the rivers, boasting, ‘My river is mine alone, I’ve made for myself’. I’ll put hooks in yur jaws, the fish of yur rivers will stick to yur scales; I’ll drag yu out of the rivers, with fish sticking to yur scales. I’ll drive yu into the desert, with the fishes of yur river: yu’ll fall in the open field; yu’ll unite or be gathered; I’ve given yu to the beasts of the earth & birds of the heavens for food. The Egyptians will know I’m Jehovah, because they were a staff of reed to Israel’s House. Their hand grabbed yu, yu broke, yu ripped their shoulders; they leaned on yu, yu broke, yu made their loins paralyzed. I’ll bring a sword against yu, I’ll sever from yu man & beast. The land of Egypt will be desolation & waste; they’ll know Me for their boast: ‘The river is mine, I made it’. I’m against yu, against yur rivers, I’ll make the land of Egypt waste & desolation, from the Tower of Seveneh to the border of Ethiopia. No human foot will pass through it, it will be uninhabited 40 years. I’ll make the land of Egypt desolation among the desolate countries; her cites waste among waste cities for 40 years; I’ll scatter the Egyptians among the nations, disperse them among the countries; I’ll reverse the captivity of Egypt, they’ll return to the land of Pathros, to the land of their birth, to be a base kingdom. It will be the lowest of the kingdoms; never again to be exalted above the nations: I’ll diminish them, they’ll never rule over the nations. It will never again be the confidence of Israel’s House, recalling iniquity, turning to look after them; they’ll know I’m Jehovah’.

In the 27th year, in the 1st, on the 1st of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, King Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon’s army campaigned against Tyre: every head was bald, shoulders worn; no wages for his army against Tyre for his invaders. I’ll give the land of Egypt to King Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon; he’ll deport her population, take her spoil, take her prey to be the wages for his army. I’ve given him the land of Egypt as recompence for service rendered to Me, Jehovah’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, prophesy: Wail! Jehovah’s Day is near, with cloudy days, a time of the Gentiles. A sword comes on Egypt, anguish in Ethiopia, the slain fall in Egypt; her population is exiled, her foundations broken down. Ethiopia, Put, Lud, mixed people, Cub, and children of the land in league, they will fall by the sword. Egypt’s allies fall; her proud power I abased: they’ll fall from the Tower of Seveneh by sword; they’ll be desolate among the desolate of the countries; her cities wasted among the wasted. They’ll know I’m Jehovah, when I’ve torched Egypt, and destroyed her helpers. I’ll send messengers to make the careless Ethiopians afraid in anguish as in the day of Egypt; it is coming. I’ll end the population of Egypt by King Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon; he & his people, the terror of the nations, will destroy the land; they’ll draw their swords against Egypt, and fill the land with slain. I’ll dry up the rivers, sell the land to evil men; I’ll desolate the land, and all in it, by strangers. I’ll destroy the idols, I’ll abolish the images from Memphis; no more a prince in Egypt, I’ll put fear in the land of Egypt. I’ll desolate Pathros, I’ll torch Zoan, execute judgments on No; I’ll pour My Wrath on Sin, Egypt’s stronghold; I’ll cut off the population of No. I’ll torch Egypt: Sin in Anguish, No broken up; and Memphis adversaries are in daytime. The youths of Aven & Pibeseth fall by sword; they’ll go into captivity. The day withdraws at Tehaphnehes when I break Egypt’s yokes, her pride of power to cease, clouds will cover her, her daughters go into captivity. I’ll execute judgments on Egypt; they’ll know I’m Jehovah’.

In the 11th year, in the 1st, on the 7th of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, I broke the arm of King Pharaoh of Egypt; it wasn’t wrapped with medicines, not bandaged to hold the sword. I’m against King Pharaoh of Egypt, I’ll rebreak his strong arms; his hand drops the sword. I’ll scatter the Egyptians among the nations, disperse them through the countries. I’ll strengthen the arms of the King of Babylon, put My Sword in his hand to break the arms of Pharaoh, he’ll groan as a fatally wounded man. I’ll hold up the arms of the King of Babylon; the arms of Pharaoh will drop; they’ll know I’m Jehovah, when I give My Sword to the King of Babylon to extend it to the land of Egypt. I’ll exile the Egyptians among the nations, disperse them through the countries; they’ll know I’m Jehovah’.

In the 11th year, in the 3rd, on the 1st of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, tell King Pharaoh of Egypt & his populace: Who compares to yu in greatness? The Assyrian was a Cedar-Tree in Lebanon with nice branches, with forest-like shade, of high stature; its top was among the thick boughs. The waters nourished it; the depths made it grow: the rivers circulated its plantation; it sent out channels to the trees in the field. Its stature was exalted above the other trees of the field; its boughs were many, its branches was long because of the rivers, when it spread. The birds of the heavens made nests in its boughs; under its branches beasts of the field birthed their young; under its shadow great nations dwelt. It was lovely in greatness, in its long branches; its roots reached many waters. The cedars in God’s Garden could not hide it; the fir-trees were not like its boughs, the plane-trees were not as its branches; no tree in God’s Garden was as beautiful. I made it fair by its many branches, that all the trees of Eden in God’s Garden, envied it. Because yu (Egyptians) are exalted in stature, he (King Pharaoh of Egypt) has set his top (throne) among the thick boughs, and his heart is lifted up in his height; I’ll deliver him to the mighty one of the nations (King of Babylon); he’ll deal with him; I’ve driven him out for his wickedness. Strangers, the terror of the nations, have cut him off & deserted him; the peoples of the earth left his shadow & deserted him. The birds of sky will dwell on his ruin, the beasts of the field on his branches; never again will the well-watered trees exalt themselves in stature, neither set their top among thick boughs, nor the well-watered mighty ones stand up on their height: they’re destined for death, to the lowest parts of the earth, with the children of men who descend to the pit. In the day he (the Cedar-Tree, King Pharaoh of Egypt) descended to Sheol (Hell, Grave, Death) I caused mourning: I covered the deep for him, I restrained the rivers, the great rivers stayed; I caused Lebanon to mourn for him, the field-trees fainted for him. I made nations shake at the sound of his fall, when I hurled him down to Sheol with those descending to the pit; the trees of Eden, the choice & best trees of Lebanon, all well-watered, were comforted together in the lower parts of the earth. Together they descended to Sheol with him those slain with the sword; those who were his arm, who dwelt under his shadow in the nations. Who compares to yu in glory & greatness among the trees of Eden? Yu’ll be dragged with Eden’s trees to earth’s lowest parts: yu’ll lie among the uncircumcised, with those slain by sword. This is Pharaoh & his populace, says the Lord Jehovah’.

In the 12th year, in the 12th month, on the 1st of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, give a Lamentation concerning King Pharaoh of Egypt: Yu were likened to a Young Lion of the nations: yu are a Monster of the seas; yur rivers overflowed, yur feet troubled the waters & dirtied their rivers. I’ll spread My Net on yu with a band of many peoples; they’ll drag yu up in My Net. I’ll desert yu on the land, I’ll toss yu on the open field; the birds of the sky to settle on yu, the beasts of the earth to feast on yu. I’ll lay yur flesh on mountains, fill valleys with yur height; I’ll fill yur swimming water with yur blood to the mountains; the watercourses will be full of yu. I’ll extinguish yu, I’ll cover the skies, make the stars dark; I’ll hide the sun with a cloud, the moon will give no light; the stars of heaven will be dark, darkness on yur land. I’ll vex the hearts of many peoples with yur destruction among the nations in unknown countries. I’ll amaze many peoples with yu, their kings will horribly be afraid for yu, when I brandish My Sword before them; they’ll tremble continuously, each for his own life, in the day of yur fall. The sword of the King of Babylon will come on yu; I’ll cause the swords of the mighty to slay yur populace; they’re the terror of the nations: they’ll vanquish Egypt’s pride, the population destroyed. I’ll destroy the wild animals near the waters; human feet nor animal hoofs will never again trouble it. Their waters will be clear, rivers will run like oil. I’ll desolate & waste the land of Egypt, destitute of its abundance, its residents smitten; then they’ll know Me. This is the lamentation they’ll lament, together with the daughters of the nations, over Egypt & her populace’.

In the 12th year, on the 15th of the month, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, wail for Egypt’s populace, toss her down with the famous nation’s daughters, to earth’s lowest parts, with those descending to the pit. Whom do yu surpass in beauty? go down, be laid with the uncircumcised. They’ll fall among the slain by sword; drag her & her multitude away. The strong among the mighty will speak to him from Sheol with those who help him: they descend, they’re still, the uncircumcised, slain by sword. Asshur & her bands are there in her cemetery of those slain by sword, who were terror in the land of the living. Elam & her multitude are in the cemetery of the sword slain who descend uncircumcised to earth’s lowest depths, who were terror in the land of the living, sharing the shame with those who descend to the pit. Meshech, Tubal, & her populace are in the cemetery of the uncircumcised sword slain, who were terror in the land of the living. They’ll not lie (honorably) with the mighty fallen of the uncircumcised; that descend to Sheol with their war weapons, with their swords under their heads, their iniquities on their bones, as the terror of the mighty in the land of the living. Yu’ll be broken with the uncircumcised, yu’ll lie with the sword slain. Edom & her kings & her princes, in their power are laid with the sword slain with the uncircumcised, with those descending to the pit. The princes of the north & the Sidonians, are with the sword slain, sharing their shame with those descending to the pit. Pharaoh will see them, be comforted for his populace, Pharaoh & his army, sword slain; says the Lord Jehovah. I’ve put terror in the land of the living; he’ll be laid with the uncircumcised, with the sword slain, Pharaoh & his multitude’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, tell the children of yur people: If I bring a sword on a land and the people appoint their Watchman: if he sees the approaching sword in the land, if he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; if some one hears the sound but takes no warning, if the sword takes him away, his blood is on his own head. He heard but did not heed, it’s his blood to save his soul. If the Watchman sees the approaching sword, didn’t blow the trumpet, the people weren’t warned, if anyone is taken away by sword in his iniquity, I’ll require his blood from the Watchman. Son of Man, I’ve appointed yu a Watchman to Israel’s House; hear the Word from My Mouth, warn them from Me. If I say to the wicked: wicked man, yu will die, if yu don’t warn him of his way, if he dies in his iniquity, I’ll require his blood from yu. If you warn the wicked to turn from his way, if he refuses; he’ll die in his iniquity, yu’ve delivered yur soul. Son of Man, tell Israel’s House: ‘Our transgressions & our sins are on us, we pine away in them; how can we live’? Tell them for Me: I have no pleasure in the wicked’ s death; only for the wicked to turn from his way to live: turn from your evil ways; why die, House of Israel? Son of Man tell the children of yur people: the righteousness of the righteous will not deliver him in the day of his transgression; the wickedness of the wicked will not fail in the day of his turning from his wickedness; the righteous will not live in the day he sins. If I say to the righteous, he’ll live; if he trust to his righteousness, and transgress, none of his righteous deeds will be remembered; in his iniquity he’ll die. If I say to the wicked, yu must die; if he repents from his sin, do what is lawful & right, restore the pledge, return the stolen things, walk in the statutes of life, practicing no crime; he must live, he must not die. His former sins must not be remembered against him: he did what is lawful & right; he must live. The children of yur people say: ‘the Lord’s Way is unequal’: but their way is unequal. If the righteous turns from his righteousness, commits crime, he must die for it; if the wicked turns from his wickedness, practice what is lawful & right, he must live for it. You say: ‘the Lord’s Way is unfair’; House of Israel, I’ll judge each of you for his ways’.

In the 12th year of our Captivity, in the 10th, on the 10th of the month, that a Jerusalem refugee reported to Ezekiel: The City is smitten. The Hand of Jehovah was on Ezekiel in evening, before the refugee arrived; his mouth He hadn’t opened till morning when he (refugee) arrived, he (Ezekiel) was no longer dumb. Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, Israel’s inhabitants of the wastelands say: ‘Abraham was one, and he inherited the Land: we are many; the Land is our inheritance’. Tell them for Me: You eat with blood, you lift your eyes to idols, you shed blood: will you possess the Land? You stand with yur sword, you work abomination, you defile another’s wife: will you possess the Land? Tell them for Me: Those in the wastelands will fall by sword; I’ll give the one in the open field to the wild animals to be devoured; those in strongholds & caves will die by pestilence. I’ll make the Land desolation & astonishment; her proud power will cease; Israel’s mountains be desolate; none will pass through. They’ll know I’m Jehovah when I’ve made the Land desolation & astonishment for their abominations practiced. Son of Man, the children of thy people talk about yu at the walls & doors of the houses, talking one brother to another to ‘please listen to what Jehovah says’. They come to yu as a seeking people, they sit with yu as My People, they hear yur words, but refuse to obey; with their mouth they show much love, but their heart goes after gain. Yu are to them a lovely song of a pleasing singer, who plays an instrument well; they her yur words but do nothing. When these things come about, they’ll know a Prophet was among them’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, prophesy against the Shepherds of Israel: Woe to the Shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the Shepherds feed the sheep? You eat the fat, you clothe you with wool, you kill fatlings; but you don’t feed the sheep. You haven’t strengthened the diseased, you haven’t healed the sick, you haven’t bound up the broken, you haven’t brought back those driven away, you haven’t sought the lost; with force & rigor you ruled over them. They were scattered because there was no shepherd; they became food for wild animals, they scattered. My Sheep wandered through the mountains, on high hills: My Sheep were scattered over the earth; none to search or seek. You Shepherds listen to Jehovah’s Word: As I live, as My Sheep became prey, became food for the wild animals, because there was no shepherd, neither did My Shepherds search for My Sheep, but they fed themselves, and fed not My Sheep; you Shepherds, hear Jehovah’s Word: I’m against the Shepherds; I’ll require My Sheep from them, and prevent them from feeding My Sheep; neither will they ever feed themselves; I’ll deliver my sheep from their mouth, that they be not their food. I Myself, will search for My Sheep & seek them; as a shepherd seeks his scattered flock in the day while among them, I’ll seek My Sheep; I’ll deliver them from the peoples, gather them from countries, I’ll bring them to their own Land; I’ll feed them on Israel’s mountains, by watercourses, in all the inhabited places of the earth. I’ll feed them with good pasture; on the mountains of Israel’s heights will their fold be: they’ll rest in a good fold; on fat pasture they’ll feed on Israel’s mountains. I Myself will be the Shepherd of My Sheep, I’ll cause them to rest. I’ll seek the lost, I’ll bring back those driven away, I’ll bind the broken, I’ll strengthen the sick: the fat & strong I’ll destroy; I’ll feed them with justice. You, My Flock, I judge between sheep & sheep, the rams & he-goats. Is it a small thing to you to feed on good pasture, but you tread down the rest of the pasture with yur feet? to drink the clear waters, but you must foul the rest with your feet? My Sheep they eat what you trod; they drink what you fouled. I’ll judge between the fat sheep & the lean sheep. You thrust with side & shoulder, you push the diseased with your horns, till you’ve scattered far; I’ll save My Flock, they’ll never again be prey; I’ll judge between each sheep. I’ll appoint One Shepherd over them, he’ll (He’ll) feed them, My Servant David (the Beloved); he’ll (He’ll) feed them, he’ll (He’ll) be their Shepherd. I, Jehovah, will be their God, My Servant David (the Beloved) Prince among them. I’ll make a Peace Covenant with them, I’ll rid the Land of dangerous wild animals; they’ll live safely in the wilderness & sleep in the forests. I’ll make them & the places surrounding My Hill a blessing; I’ll cause the shower to fall in season; there will be showers of blessing. The field-trees will yield fruit, earth yield its increase, they’ll be secure in their Land; they’ll know Me, when I’ve broken the bars of their yoke, delivered them from those who enslaved them. They’ll no longer be prey to the Gentiles; the wild animals will not devour them; they’ll dwell safe without fear. I’ll raise up a Renowned Plantation, they’ll no longer be consumed with famine in the Land, never again to bear the shame of the Gentiles. They’ll know I, Jehovah, their God am with them, and Israel’s House are My People. You are My Sheep, the Sheep of My Pasture, I’m your God’.
Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, face against Mount Seir & prophesy against it: I’m against yu, Mount Seir, I’ll extend My Hand against yu, I’ll make yu a desolation & astonishment. I’ll lay waste yur cities, yu’ll be desolate; yu’ll know I’m Jehovah. Yu’ve had a perpetual enmity, gave over the sons of Israel to the power of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time of the iniquity of the end; as I live, I’ll prepare yu for blood, blood will pursue yu: since yu didn’t hate blood, blood will pursue yu. I’ll make Mount Seir an astonishment & desolation; I’ll cut off any traveling to or from. I’ll fill its mountains with slain: in yur valleys & watercourses they’ll fall, slain with sword. I’ll make yu a perpetual desolation, yur cities will be uninhabited; yu’ll know I’m Jehovah. Yu said: ‘These two nations & two countries will be mine, I’ll possess it’; but Jehovah was there: as I live, I’ll respond to yur anger & yur envy which yu showed in hatred against them; I’ll make Myself known among them, when I shall judge yu. Yu’ll know that I, Jehovah, heard yur reviling spoken against Israel’s mountains, saying, ‘They’re laid desolate, they’re given us to devour’. You magnified yourselves against Me with your mouth, you’ve multiplied your words against Me: I heard it. When the whole earth rejoices, I’ll make yu desolate. As yu rejoiced over the inheritance of Israel’s House, being desolate, so I’ll do to yu: yu’ll be desolate, Mount Seir & Edom, all of it; they’ll know I’m Jehovah’.
‘Son of Man, prophesy to Israel’s Mountains: The enemy has said against you: ‘The ancient places are our possessions’; prophesy, because they’ve made you desolate, and swallowed you up on all sides, that you be a possession to the rest of the Gentiles, and you are on the lips of talkers, the evil report of the people; you mountains of Israel, listen to My Word: The Lord Jehovah says to the mountains, hills, watercourses, valleys, desolate wasteland, & to forsaken cities, which are a prey & derision to the rest of the Gentiles nearby: in the fire of My Jealousy I’ve spoken against the rest of the Gentiles, and against Edom, who appointed My Land to themselves for a possession with joyous hearts, with despiteful souls, to toss it out as prey. Prophesy concerning the Land of Israel, say to the mountains, hills, watercourses, valleys: I’ve spoken in My Jealousy & My Wrath, because you’ve borne the shame of the Gentiles: I’ve sworn, the Gentiles nearby will bear their own shame. But you, Israel’s mountains, you shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to My People Israel; for they’re soon to happen. I’m for you, I’ll turn to you, and you will be tilled & sown; I’ll multiply men on you, Israel’s House, all of it; the cities inhabited, the wastelands built; I’ll multiply man & beast on you; they’ll increase & be fruitful; I’ll cause you to be inhabited after your former estate, it will be better than at your beginnings: you will know I’m Jehovah. I’ll cause men to walk on you, My People Israel; they’ll possess yu, yu’ll be their inheritance, never again bereave of children. Because they say to you: ‘Yu are a devourer of men, a bereaver of yur nation’; never again will yu devour men, or bereave yur nation; I’ll never again let yu hear the shame of the Gentiles, or the reproach of the peoples, or cause yur nation to stumble’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, when Israel’s House dwelt in their own Land, they defiled it by their way & deeds: their way to Me was as the uncleanness of a woman in her impurity. I poured out My Wrath on them for the blood which they poured out on the Land, and because they had defiled it with their idols; I scattered them among the Gentiles, they were dispersed through the countries: I judged them for their way & deeds. When they came to the Gentiles, they profaned My Holy Name; men said of them: ‘These are Jehovah’s People exiled from His Land’. I regarded My Holy Name, which Israel’s House profaned among the Gentiles in exile. Tell Israel’s House for Me: Not for your sake House of Israel I do this, but for My Holy Name, which you profaned in your exile among the Gentiles. I’ll sanctify My Great Name profaned among the Gentiles by you; the Gentiles will know I’m Jehovah, when I’m sanctified in you before their eyes. I’ll take you from among the Gentiles, gather you out of the countries, I’ll bring you into your own Land. I’ll sprinkle clean water on you, you’ll be clean, from your filthiness & idols, I’ll cleanse you. I’ll give you a new heart, I’ll put in you a new spirit; I’ll take away the stony heart out of your flesh, I’ll give a new heart of flesh. I’ll put My Spirit in you, you’ll walk in My Statutes, you’ll keep My Ordinances, and practice them; you’ll dwell in the Land that I gave to your fathers; I’ll call for grain, I’ll multiply it; and no famine be on you; I’ll multiply the fruit of the tree, and the increase of the field, that you’ll never again have the reproach of famine among the Gentiles. You’ll remember your evil ways, your no-good deeds; you’ll loathe yourselves in your own sight for your crimes & abominations. Know, Israel’s House, I don’t act for you, be ashamed & confounded for your ways. In the day I cleanse you from your crimes, I’ll cause the cities to be inhabited, the wastelands builded. The desolate Land will be tilled, though it was a desolation in the sight of travelers. They’ll say: This desolate Land is become like the Garden of Eden; the waste, desolate, ruined cities are fortified & inhabited. The Gentiles nearby will know that I, Jehovah, built the ruined places, planted the desolate: I, Jehovah, spoke it & will do it. Again, I will be inquired by Israel’s House, to accomplish it for them: I’ll increase them with men like a flock. As the flock for sacrifice, as Jerusalem’s flock in her appointed feasts, the waste cities be filled with flocks of men; they’ll know that I’m Jehovah’.
Jehovah’s Hand was on Ezekiel: He brought him out in Jehovah’s Spirit, set him down in the valley, full of dry bones. He led him by them all around, there were many in the open valley; they were very dry. He said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, can these Bones live? He answered Him, ‘Lord Jehovah, Yu know’. Again He said to him: Prophesy over these Bones: You dry Bones, listen to Jehovah: I’ll cause breath to enter into you, and you’ll live. I’ll lay sinews on you, grow flesh on you, cover you with skin, put breath into you, you’ll live; you’ll know I’m Jehovah’. Ezekiel prophesied as commanded: as he prophesied there was a noise & an earthquake; the Bones came together, bone to bone; with sinews, flesh, skin; but no breath in them. He said to Ezekiel: ‘Prophesy to the Wind, Son of Man: Come from the four Winds, Breath, and breathe on these slain to live’. He prophesied as commanded, the breath came, they lived, stood on their feet, a great army. He said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, these Bones are the House of Israel: they say, ‘Our bones are dried up, our hope lost; we’re cut off’. Prophesy: I’ll open your graves, cause you to come out of your graves, My People, I’ll lead you to Israel’s Land. You’ll know I’m Jehovah after I’ve opened your graves, caused you to come out of your graves, My People. I’ll put My Spirit in you, you’ll live, I’ll place you in your own Land: you’ll know I, Jehovah, spoke it & performed it’. Again, Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, take one Stick, write on it for Judah & for his Companions the Children of Israel; take another Stick, write on it for Joseph, the Stick of Ephraim, & for his Companions the House of Israel: join the Two Sticks as One to be One in your hands. When the children of yur People ask, ‘Tell us what this means’? tell them for Me: I’ll take the Stick of Joseph, in the hand of Ephraim, & his Companions, the Tribes of Israel; I’ll join it to the Stick of Judah to make One Stick, to be One in My Hand. The Sticks yu wrote on, will be in yur hand in their sight. Tell them for Me: I’ll take Israel’s Children from among the Gentiles, in their diaspora, regather them, and return them to their own Land: I’ll make them One Nation in the Land, on Israel’s mountains; One King will be King over them; never again be Two Nations, never again be divided into Two Kingdoms; never again to defile themselves with their idols & detestable things & their crimes; I’ll save them from their dwelling-places, where they sinned, and will cleanse them: they’ll be My People, and I’ll be their God. My Servant David (the Beloved) will be King over them; they’ll have One Shepherd: they’ll walk in My Ordinances, observe My Statutes, to practice them. They’ll dwell in the Land I’ve given to My Servant Jacob, in which their fathers dwelt; there they’ll dwell forever with their children, and grandchildren: My Servant David (the Beloved) will forever be their Prince. Also, I’ll make a Covenant of Peace with them; it will be an Eternal Covenant with them; I’ll resettle them & multiply them, I’ll set My Sanctuary forever in their midst. My Tabernacle will be with them; I’ll be their God; they’ll be My People. The Gentiles will know I’m Jehovah Who sanctifies Israel, My Sanctuary will be always be in their midst’.
Jehovah’s Word to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, face toward Gog (uncertain), of the Land of Magog (Japhetic, Scythians), the Prince of Rosh (chief, first, head), Meshech (Japhetic), & Tubal (Japhetic), prophesy against him: I’m against yu, Gog, Prince of Rosh, Meshech, & Tubal: I’ll surround yu, put hooks in yur jaws, I’ll drag yu out, with yur army, horses & horsemen, clothed in full armor, a great company with buckler & shield, handling swords; with them Persia, Cush (Hamitic), & Put (Hamitic), with shield & helmet; Gomer (Japhetic) with his hordes; the House of Togarmah (Japhetic) in outskirts of the north & his hordes; many peoples with yu. Be prepared with yur companies gathered to yu, be guard to them. After many days yu’ll be visited: in the later days yu’ll invade the Land that is restored from the Sword, gathered out of many peoples, on the mountains of Israel, which has been a continual waste; but delivered from the peoples, they’ll dwell safely. Yu’ll ascend, yu’ll come like a storm, like a cloud to cover the Land, yu, & yur hordes, with many peoples. On that day, things will come to yur mind, yu’ll devise an evil device: yu’ll say, I’ll ascend to the Land of unwalled villages; I’ll go to them at rest, dwelling securely, without walls, neither bars or gates; to take spoil & prey; to turn yur hand against the wastelands reinhabited, against the people regathered from the Gentiles, having cattle & goods, dwelling in the Land (eretz, dry-land, ground, earth). Sheba & Dedan (Shemitic, Semitic, Arabia), & Tarshish’s (Spain or Cilicia) merchants, with their young lions, & ask yu: ‘Have yu come to take spoil’? Son of Man, prophesy, tell Gog for Me: In the day that My People dwell securely, will yu know it? Yu’ll invade from yur place in the furthest North, yu, and many peoples with yu, riding on horses, a great company & mighty army; yu’ll come against My People Israel, as a cloud to cover the Land: in the later days I’ll lead yu against My Land, that the Gentiles know Me, when I’ll be sanctified in yu, Gog, in their sight. Are yu the one I spoke of in earlier time by My Servants the Prophets of Israel, who prophesied in those days for years that I would lead yu against them? In that day, when Gog will come against the Land of Israel, My Wrath will come up into his nose. In My Jealousy & the fire of My Wrath I spoke, In that day there be a great shaking in the Land of Israel; the fishes of the sea, the birds of the skies, the wild-animals of the field, creeping things on the earth, and men on the earth, will shake at My Presence, the mountains will be thrown down, steep places will fall, every wall will fall to the ground. I’ll call a sword against him to the mountains: each man’s sword against his brother. I’ll enter judgment with him with pestilence & blood; I’ll rain on him, on his horses, on the many peoples who are with, an overflowing shower, and great hailstones, fire, & brimstone. I’ll magnify Myself, & sanctify Myself, I’ll make Myself known in the eyes of many Gentiles; they’ll know I’m Jehovah’.
‘Son of Man, prophesy against Gog: I’m against yu, Gog, Prince of Rosh, Meshech, & Tubal: I’ll turn yu around, I’ll lead yu on, I’ll cause yu to ascend from the furthest North; I’ll lead yu on Israel’s mountains; I’ll strike yur bow out of yur left hand, I’ll cause yur arrows to fall out of yur right hand. Yu’ll fall on Israel’s mountains, yu, & yur hordes, & yur peoples: I’ll give yu to the ravenous birds of every sort, to the wild animals of the field to be devoured. Yu’ll fall on the open field; I’ve spoken it. I’ll send a fire on Magog, on those dwelling securely in the isles; they’ll know I’m Jehovah. My Holy Name I’ll make known in My People Israel; I’ll never again permit My Holy Name to be profaned: the Gentiles will know I’m Jehovah, the Holy One in Israel. It’s coming, it will be done; this is the day of which I’ve spoken. The dwellers in the cities of Israel will go forth, they’ll make fires of the weapons & burn them, both shields & bucklers, bows & arrows, hand slaves, spears, they’ll make fires of them 7 years; so that they’ll take no wood from the field, neither out of the forests; they’ll burn weapons; they’ll plunder those that plundered them, rob those who robbed them. In that day, I’ll give Gog a burial place in Israel, the valley of travelers on the east of the sea; it will prevent travelers: there they’ll bury Gog & his multitude; they’ll call it the Valley of Hamon-Gog. 7 months Israel’s House will be burying them to cleanse the Land. The people of the Land will bury them; it’ll be to them renown in the day I’ll be glorified. They’ll employ workers full time to search for those to bury who remain unburied on the Land to cleanse it: after 7 months they’ll search. The travelers will travel; when anyone sees a man’s bone, he’ll set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon-Gog. Hamonah will be the City’s Name. The name of the city is Hamonah. They’ll cleanse the Land. Son of Man speak to the Birds of every sort, to the wild animals of the field: Assemble yourselves, come gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice for you, a great sacrifice on Israel’s mountains to eat flesh & drink blood. You’ll eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, lambs, goats, bullocks, of fatlings of Bashan. You’ll eat the fat till you are full, and drink the blood till you are drunk, of My Sacrifice which I’ve sacrificed for you. You’ll be filled at My Table with horses & chariots, mighty men & men of war. I’ll set My Glory among the Gentiles; the Gentiles will see My Judgment I’ve executed, and My Hand I’ve laid on them. Israel’s House will know I’m Jehovah their God, from that day & forward. The Gentiles will know that Israel’s House went into Captivity for their iniquity; they trespassed against Me, I hid My Face from them: I gave them into the hand of their adversaries, they fell by the sword. According to their uncleanness & transgressions I treated them; I hid My Face from them. I’ll reverse Jacob’s Captivity, have mercy on the whole House of Israel; I’ll be jealous for My Holy Name. They’ll bear their shame & trespasses they did against Me; they’ll dwell safely in their Land unafraid; when I’ve restored them from the peoples, and regathered them from their enemies’ lands, and I’m sanctified in them in the Gentiles’ sight. They’ll know I’m Jehovah their God, Who caused them to go into Captivity among the Gentiles, and regathered them to their own Land; I’ll never again abandon them there; never again will I hide My Face from them; for I’ve poured out My Spirit on the House of Israel’.

In the 25th year of our Captivity, in the beginning (first, 1st) of the year, on the 10th of the month, in the 14th year after the City was smitten, the very day, Jehovah’s Hand was on Ezekiel, and He transported him to there. In the Visions of God, He transported him to the Land of Israel, and set him down on a high mountain, on which was as if the frame (form, structure) of a city on the south. He transported him there; there was a Man, Whose Appearance was like the appearance of brass, with a line of flax in His Hand, and a measuring read; He stood at the gate. The Man said: ‘Son of Man, see with yur eyes, hear with yur ears, set yur heart on all that I’ll show yu; for this reason yu were brought here, that I may show to yu: declare all that yu see to Israel’s House’. A Wall was outside of the House all around it; in the Man’s Hand a measuring reed 6 cubits long, equal to 1 cubit & 1 handbreadth each cubit (cubit= 18″ or 1 1/2 feet; handbreadth= 4” wide; total reed-cubit= 22″ or 21″ plus or minus; measuring-reed= 6×22″= 132″ or 12 feet; if we make the sacred or great or angelic cubit 24″ then conversion to feet is simple: 2×12″= 24″= 2′; if we make the sacred or great or angelic handbreadth 6″ then it equals 1/2 foot; we then have the sacred reed= 6×24’= 144″ or 12 feet):
He measured the Building’s thickness, 1 reed (12′); its height, 1 reed (12′). He came to the eastward Gate, ascended its steps:
He measured the Gate’s threshold (entrance-step, doorway-base, sill), 1 reed long (12′), 1 reed wide (12′), the other threshold was the same. Each lodge (chamber, room) was 1 reed long & wide; between the lodges (chambers, rooms), 5 cubits (10′); the entrance of the gate house ward, 1 reed (12′).
He measured the Gate’s porch, 8 cubits (16′); its posts, 2 cubits (4′); the Gate’s porch was house ward. The Gate’s lodges eastward was 3 on each side; the 3 measured the same: the posts on each side measured the same.
He measured the width of the Gate’s entrance, 10 cubits (20′); the Gate’s length, 13 cubits (26′); a border before the lodges, 1 cubit (2′), both borders the same; the lodges, 6 cubits (12′), both alike.
He measured the Gate from the roof of 1 lodge to the other, a width of 25 cubits (50′); both doors. The posts also, 60 cubits (120′); the court to the posts, around the Gate. The forefront of the Gate’s entrance to the forefront of the inner porch were 50 cubits (100′). The lodges had closed windows, with their posts within the Gate around, & likewise to the arches; windows were round about inward; on each post were palm-trees.
He led Ezekiel into the Outer Court; there were chambers & pavement, for the Court around: 30 chambers were on the pavement. The pavement was by the side of the Gates, corresponding to the length of the Gates, to the lower pavement.
He measured the width from the forefront of the lower Gate to the forefront of the Inner Court outside, 100 cubits (200′), on the east & the north.
The Gate of the Outer Court facing northward, He measured its length & width. Its lodges were 3 on both sides; its posts & arches were after the measure of the 1st Gate: its length 50 cubits (100′), the width 25 cubits (50′). Its windows & arches & palm-trees, matched the measurement of the Gate facing eastward; ascending by 7 steps; its arches were before them. There was a Gate to the Inner Court opposite another Gate, on the north & east; He measured from each Gate both 100 cubits each.
He led him southward to a Gate southward; He measured its posts & arches according to these measures. It had windows, and in the arches around, with like windows: length was 50 cubits (100′), width = 25 cubits (50′). 7 steps ascended it, with its arches; with palm-trees, one on both sides, on its posts.
A Gate was at the Inner Court southward: He measured from gate to gate southward 100 cubits (200′). He led him to the Inner Court by the South Gate:
He measured the South Gate according to these measurements; its lodges, posts, & arches, with these measurements: with windows & its arches around; it was 50 cubits (100′) long, 25 cubits (50′) wide. Arches were around toward the Outer Court; palm-trees were on its posts: its ascent was by 8 steps.
He led him to the Inner Court eastward: He measured the Gate according to these measures; its lodges, posts, & arches with these measurements: with its windows & arches around; 50 cubits (100′) long, & 25 cubits (50′) wide. Its arches were toward the Outer Court; palm-trees were on its posts, on both sides: its ascent was by 8 steps.
He led him to the North Gate: He measured it with these measurements; its lodges, posts, & arches, with its windows around; the length = 50 cubits (100′), the width = 25 cubits (50′). Its posts were toward the Outer Court; palm-trees were on its posts, on both sides: the ascent was by 8 steps. A chamber with its door was by the posts at the Gates; there they washed the burnt-offering.
The Gate’s porch had two tables on both sides each, for slaughtering burnt-offering, sin-offering, & trespass-offering. 2 tables were on the outside, ascending to the Gate’s entrance northward. 4 tables each on both sides of the Gate; 8 tables for slaughtering. 4 tables for the burnt-offering, of hewn stone, 1 1/2 cubit (3′) both long & wide; for instruments for the slaughtering of burnt-offering & the sacrifice. The flesh-hooks = handbreadth (1/2′) long, fastened inside around: on the tables was the flesh (meat) of the oblation.
Outside the Inner Gate were chambers for singers in the Inner Court, at the side of the North Gate, facing southward; same at side of the East Gate facing northward. He told Ezekiel: ‘This chamber, facing southward, is for the Priests, the keepers in charge of the House; the chamber facing northward is for the Priests, the keepers in charge of the Altar: these are the sons of Zadok (BeniZadok), who are from the sons of Levi (BeniLevi) who approach Jehovah to minister to (serving) Him’.
He measured the Court, 100 cubits (200′) both long & wide, foursquare; the Altar was before the House. He led him to the House’s porch, & measured each post of the porch, 5 cubits (10′) on both sides: the width of the Gate was 3 cubits (6′) each on both sides. The porch’s length was 20 cubits (40′), the width = 11 cubits (22′); they ascended to it by steps; with pillars by the posts on both sides.
He led Ezekiel to the Temple, measured the posts, 6 cubits (12′) wide on both sides, being the width of the Tabernacle. The width of the entrance was 10 cubits (20′); the sides of the entrance were 5 cubits (10′) each on both sides: He measured its length at 40 cubits, the width = 20 cubits (40′).
He went inside & measured each post of the entrance, 2 cubits (4′); & the entrance, 6 cubits (12′); the width of the entrance, 7 cubits (14′).
He measured its length & width, 20 cubits (40′) each, before the Temple: He said to him: This is the Most Holy Place.
He measured the Wall of the House, 6 cubits (12′); the width of every side-chamber, 4 cubits (8′), around the House on every side. The side-chambers were in 3 stories, one above another, 30 in all; they entered the wall which belonged to the House for the side-chambers around to secure, not to take hold in the wall of the House. The side-chambers wider where they enclosed it higher & higher; the House’s enclosure went higher & higher around the House: the width of the House upward; it ascended from the lowest to the middle to the highest. Ezekiel saw the House had a raised basement around: the foundations of the side-chambers were a ‘full reed of 6 great cubits’ (12′). The Wall’s thickness for the side-chambers on the outside was 5 cubits (10′): the remaining space was of the side-chambers belonging to the House. Between the chambers was a width of 20 cubits (40′) enclosing the House. The doors of the side-chambers were toward the remaining open space, one door northward, another southward: the width of the place remaining was 5 cubits (10′) around. The Building in front of the separate place at the side westward was 70 cubits (140′) wide; the Wall of the Building was 5 cubits (10′) thick around, its length 90 cubits (180′). He measured the House, 100 cubits (200′) long; the separate place eastward, 100 cubits (200′) long; the width of the House’s face, and of the separate place eastward, 100 cubits (200′).
He measured the Building’s length before the separate place which was at its back, its galleries on both sides, 100 cubits (200′); with the Inner Temple, & the porches of the Court; the doorways, the closed windows, & galleries around on their 3 stories, opposite the doorway, sealed & wound around, the ground ascending to the windows, (the windows were covered), to & above the door, to the Inner House, & outside, & by the Wall around inside & outside, by measurement. It was made with Cherubim (Cherubs) & palm-trees; palm-tree was between both Cherubs , the Cherubs had 2 faces; there was a human face toward the palm-tree on one side, a young-lion’s face was toward the palm-tree on the other side made through the House around: from the ground to above the door were Cherubim & palm-trees: thus was the Wall of the Temple. The Temple’s door-posts were squared; the Sanctuary’s face appearance was as its appearance. The Altar was of wood, 3 cubits (6′) high, its length 2 cubits (4′); its corners, length, & walls were of wood: He told Ezekiel, This is the Table that is before Jehovah. The Temple & the Sanctuary had 2 doors. The doors had 2 leaves each, 2 turning leves: two for the one door, 2 leaves for the other. There were carved on these Temple doors, Cherubs & palm-trees, like those carved on the Walls; there was a doorway of wood on the face of the porch outside. There was closed windows & palm-trees on both sides of the porch: thus, was the side-chambers of the House, & the doorways.
He led Ezekiel out to the Outer Court, the way northward:
He led him into the chamber opposite the separate place, opposite the Building northward. The north door was before the length of 100 cubits (200′), the width was 50 cubits (100′). Opposite those 20 belonging to the Inner Court, opposite the pavement belonging to the Outer Court, was opposite galleries in the 3rd story. Before the chambers was a walk of 10 cubits (20′) wide inward, a way of 1 cubit (2′); their doors were northward. The upper chambers were shorter; the galleries shorted them, more than the lowest or the middle, in the Building. They were in 3 stories, having no pillars as the pillars of the Courts: it was shorter than the lowest & middle from the ground. The Wall outside by the side of the chambers, toward the Outer Court before the chambers, was in length 50 cubits (100′). The length of the chambers in the Outer Court was 50 cubits (100′): & before the Temple were 100 cubits (200′). From under these entry on the east side, going into them from the Outer Court. In the thickness of the Wall of the Court eastward, before the separate place, before the Building, were chambers. The way before them was like the appearance of the chambers northward; as their length so was their width: their entrance or exit were both to their fashions & doors. The doors of the chambers southward had a door at the head of the way, the way directly before the Wall eastward, on entering them. He said told Ezekiel: ‘The north & south chambers, before the separate place, are the Holy Chambers, where the Priests near to Jehovah eat the Most Holy Things: they’ll lay the Most Holy Things, the meal-offering, sin-offering, & trespass-offering; for its a Holy Place. When the Priests enter, they must not leave the Holy Place to enter the Outer Court, they must lay there their ministering clothes, for they are holy: they must change to other clothes, to approach to what pertains to the People’.
When He finished measuring the Inner House, He led Ezekiel out by way of the Gate facing eastward & measured it around.
He measured on the east side with the measuring reed 500 reeds (500×12′ = 6,000′), with the measuring reed around.
He measured on the north side 500 reeds (6,000′) with the measuring reed around. He measured on the south side 500 reeds (6,000′) with the measuring reed.
He turned around to the west side, & He measured 500 reeds (6,000′) with the measuring reed.
He measured it on the 4 sides: it had a Wall around it, the length 500, width 500, to separate between what was holy or what was common. (Note: 1 mile = 5,280′, the 4 sides were each over 1 mile, or 4 – 4 1/2 square miles.)
He led Ezekiel to the Gate facing eastward. The Glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: His Voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth (Land) shined with His Glory. It was like the appearance of the vision which he saw, according to the vision he saw when he (He) came to destroy (the destruction of) the city; the visions were like the vision he saw by the River Chebar; & Ezekiel fell prostrate. Jehovah’s Glory came into the House by the way of the Gate facing eastward. The Spirit lifted Ezekiel, transporting him into the Inner Court; & Jehovah’s Glory filled the House. Ezekiel heard One speaking to him from the House; a Man stood near him: He told him: ‘Son of Man, the Place of My Throne, & the Place of the Soles of My Feet, where I’ll dwell amidst the Children of Israel forever. The House of Israel will never again defile My Holy Name, neither they, nor their kings, by their whoredom, and by the corpses of their kings (in, and) their High Places; in their placing their doorway next to My Doorway, their door-posts next to My Door-posts, with only a wall between Me & them; they defiled My Holy Name with their abominations they practiced: so I’ve consumed them in My Anger. Let them put far away from Me their whoredom, the corpses of their kings; and I’ll dwell amidst them forever. Son of Man show the House to Israel’s House, that they be ashamed of their iniquities; let them measure the pattern. If they be ashamed of all they’ve done, reveal to them the form of the House, & its fashion, its egresses, its entrances, its structures, its ordinances, its forms, and its laws; write it in their sight; that they may keep all its form, and all its ordinances, to do them.
This is the Law of the House: on the top of the mountain the its whole area enclosed will be holy: this is the Law of the House. These are the measurements of the Altar by cubits (the cubit = cubit + handbreadth or 20″ + 4″ = 24″ = 2′, the sacred cubit): the bottom shall be a cubit (2′), width a cubit (2′): its border around its edge was a span (8″-10″, common = 8″-9″, sacred = 10″); this must be the base of the Altar. From the bottom on the ground to the lower ledge must be 2 cubits (4′), the width 1 cubit (2′); from the lesser ledge to the greater ledge must be four cubits (8′), width 1 cubit (2′). The Upper Altar must be 4 cubits (8′); from the Altar hearth & upward must be 4 horns. The Altar hearth must be 12 (24′) long by 12 (24′) wide, square in its 4 sides (48 cubits or 96′). The ledge must be 14 long by 14 wide (28′ by 28′, 4 sides = 56′); its border around it must be 1/2 cubit (1′); its bottom must be 1 cubit (2′) around; its steps facing eastward’. He told Ezekiel, ‘Son of Man, Jehovah says: These are the ordinances of the Altar in the day they offer burnt-offerings on it, to sprinkle blood on it. You must give to the Priests the Levites from the seed of Zadok, who approach Me, to minister to Me, a young bullock for a sin-offering. Yu must take of its blood, put it on its 4 horns, on the 4 corners of the ledge, & on the border around it: thus, yu’ll cleanse & atone for it. Yu must take the bullock of the sin-offering, and it shall be burnt in the appointed place of the house, outside the Sanctuary. The 2nd day yu must offer a male-goat without blemish for a sin-offering; they’ll cleanse the Altar, as they cleansed it with the bullock. After yu’ve cleansed it, yu must offer a young bullock without blemish, and a ram from the flock without blemish. Yu must bring them near before Jehovah, and the Priests must throw salt on them, and they must offer them up for a burnt-offering to Jehovah. 7 days yu must prepare daily a goat for a sin-offering: they must prepare a young bullock, and a ram from the flock, without blemish. Yu must bring them near to Jehovah, and the Priests must throw salt on them, and they must offer them for a burnt-offering to Jehovah. 7 days yu must prepare daily a goat for a sin-offering: they must prepare a young bullock, and a ram from the flock, without blemish. 7 days yu must atone for the Altar & purify it; so, must they consecrate it. When they’ve accomplished the days, on the 8th day, & forward, the Priests must make your burnt-offerings on the Altar, and your peace-offerings; and I’ll accept you’.
He led Ezekiel by the way of the Outer Gate of the Sanctuary, facing eastward; it was shut. Jehovah said to him: ‘This Gate must be shut; it must not be opened, neither must any man enter it; for Jehovah, the God of Israel, entered in by it; it must be shut. The Prince must sit in it as Prince to eat bread before Jehovah; he must enter by way of the porch of the Gate and exit by the same way’. Jehovah told Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, mark & see with yur eyes, hear with yur ears what I tell yu concerning the ordinances of Jehovah’s House and its Laws; make note of the House’s entrance, and the Sanctuary’s egress. Tell the Rebellious House of Israel for Me: House of Israel, be content with yur abominations, in bringing in foreigners, uncircumcised in heart & flesh, to be in My Sanctuary, to profane it, My House, offering to yur abominations My Bread, the fat & blood, breaking My Covenant. You haven’t kept the charge of My Holy Things; you’ve set keepers of My Charge in My Sanctuary for yourselves. No foreigner, uncircumcised in heart & flesh, must ever enter My Sanctuary, of any foreigners among the Children of Israel. The Levites who deserted Me, when Israel went astray from Me after their idols, they must pay for their crime. Yet they must be ministers in My Sanctuary, having oversight at the Gates of the House, and ministering in the House: they must slaughter the burnt-offering & sacrifice for the People, they must stand before them to minister to them. Because they ministered to them before their idols, becoming a stumbling block of iniquity to Israel’s House; I lifted My Hand against them, they’ll pay for their crime. They must not approach Me, to execute the office of priest to Me, nor approach My Holy Things, to the Most Holy Things, they must bear their shame, their abominations they’ve committed. But I’ll make them keepers of the charge of the House, for its service, for what is done in it. The Levitical Priests, Zadok’s Sons, who kept the charge of My Sanctuary when the Children of Israel deserted Me, they must approach Me to minister to Me; they must stand before Me to offer to Me the fat & blood. They’ll enter My Sanctuary, they’ll approach My Table, to minister to Me, they’ll keep My Charge. When they enter in at the Gates of the Inner Court, they’ll be clothed with linen garments; no wool must be on them, while they minister in the Gates of the Inner Court, and inside. They must wear linen turbans on their heads, they must have linen breeches on their loins; they must not gird themselves with anything causing sweat. When they go out into the Outer Court of the People, they must remove their clothes in which they minister, lay them in the Holy Chambers; they must put on other clothes, that they don’t sanctify the People with their clothes. They must not shave their heads, nor let their locks to grow long; they must only have hair-cuts. The Priests must drink no wine when they enter the Inner Court. They must not marry a widow for wives or divorcee; they must marry virgins of the seed of Israel’s House, or a Priest’s widow. They’ll teach My People the difference between the holy & the common and help them to discern between the unclean & the clean. In a controversy they’ll stand to judge; according to My Ordinances they must judge, they must keep My Laws & Statutes in all My appointed Feasts; they must sanctify My Sabbaths. They must not go near a dead person to defile themselves; they may defile themselves for father, mother, son, daughter, brother, or an unmarried sister. After he is cleansed, they’ll reckon to him 7 days. The day he enters the Sanctuary, into the Inner Court, to minister in the Sanctuary, he must offer his sin-offering. They’ll have no inheritance: I’m their inheritance; you’ll give him no possession in Israel; I’m their possession. They’ll eat the meal-offering, the sin-offering, & the trespass-offering; and every devoted in Israel will be theirs. The first of the first-fruits of everything, and every oblation of everything, of all your oblations, will be the Priest’s: you’ll also give to the Priests the first of your dough, to cause a blessing to rest on your house. The Priests must not eat anything that dies of itself, or is torn, whether of bird or beast’.
‘When you divide the Land by lot for inheritance, you shall offer an oblation to Jehovah, a Holy Portion of the Land; the length must be 25,000 (perhaps reed, then x 12′ = 3000,000′ = c.60 miles) long, the width 10,000 (if reed, x 12′ = 120,000′ = 24 miles): it’ll be holy in all its border around. From this must be the Holy Place 500 by 500, square around; 50 cubits (100′) for its suburbs around. From this measure yu must measure a length of 25,000 by 10,000 wide: in it shall be the Sanctuary, which is Most Holy. It is a Holy Portion of the Land: it must be for the Priests, the Sanctuary’s ministers, that approach to minister to Jehovah; it must be a place for their houses, a Holy Place for the Sanctuary. 25,000 long by 10,000 wide, for the Levites, the House’s ministers, for a possession to themselves: 20 chambers. You must allot the City’s possession 5,000 wide by 25,000 long, side by side with the oblation of the Holy Portion: it’ll be for all the House of Israel. For the Prince: on both sides of the holy oblation and of the possession of the City, in front of the holy oblation & in front of the possession of the City, on both westside westward & eastside eastward; in length corresponding to the portions, from west border to east border. In the Land it will be to him for a possession in Israel: My Princes will never again oppress My People; but they’ll give the Land to the House of Israel according to their tribes. Thus says the Lord Jehovah: Let it be enough for you, Princes of Israel: remove violence & spoil, execute justice & righteousness; take away your exactions from My People. You must have just balances, just ephah (quarts or gallons, 1/10th homer), & just bath (quarts or gallons, 1/10th homer). The ephah & the bath (quarts & gallons) shall be one measure, the bath contains 1/10th a homer, the ephah 1/10th a homer: its measure is after the homer (10 times the ephah & bath). The shekel equals 20 gerahs (ounces or pounds); 20, 25, & 15 shekels will be your maneh (50 shekels). This is the oblation you must offer: 1/6th of an ephah from a homer of wheat; you must give 1/6th of an ephah from a homer of barley; the set portion of oil, of the bath of oil, 1/10th of a bath out of a cor (equals homer, 10 times the ephah or bath): 10 baths or ephah (10 baths equals an homer); 1 lamb from every 200 of the flock, from the well-watered pastures of Israel: for a meal-offering, burnt-offering, peace-offerings, to atone for them. The People of the Land must contribute to this oblation for the Prince in Israel. It will be the Prince’s part to give the burnt-offerings, meal-offerings, & drink-offerings, in the feasts, on the new moons, & on the sabbaths, in all the appointed feasts of Israel’s House’. The Lord Jehovah says: ‘In the 1st, on the 1st of the month, you must take a young bullock without defect to cleanse the Sanctuary. The Priest must take the blood of the sin-offering, put it on the door-posts of the House, and on the 4 corners of the ledge of the Altar, and on the posts of the Gate of the Inner Court. Thus you must do on the 7th of the month for those who err, and for the simple: so you’ll atone for the House. In the 1st, on the 14th day of the month, you’ll have the Passover, 7 days feast; unleavened bread must be eaten; on that day the Prince must prepare for himself & for the People of the Land a bullock for a sin-offering. The 7 days of the feast he must prepare a burnt-offering to Jehovah, 7 bullocks & 7 rams without defect daily 7 days; a male-goat daily for a sin-offering. He must prepare a meal-offering, an ephah for a bullock, an ephah for a ram, and a hin (2 gallon or 8 quarts) of oil to an ephah. In the 7th , on the 15th day of the month, in the feast, he must do like in the 7 days; according to the sin-offering, burnt-offering, meal-offering, according to the oil’.
The Lord Jehovah says: ‘The Gate of the Inner Court facing eastward must be shut the 6 working days; on the sabbath day it must be opened, on the day of the new moon it must be opened. The Prince must enter by the way of the porch of the Gate outside, and must stand by the post of the Gate; the Priests must prepare his burnt-offering & his peace-offerings, & he’ll worship at the entrance of the Gate: he shall exit; but the Gate must remain open till evening. The People of the Land must worship at the door of that Gate before Jehovah on the sabbaths & new moons. The burnt-offering that the Prince must offer to Jehovah must be on the sabbath day: 6 lambs & 1 ram without defect; the meal-offering must be an ephah for the ram, and the meal-offering for the lambs as he is able to give, and a hin of oil to an ephah. On the day of the new moon it must be an ephah for the bullock without defect, 6 lambs & 1 ram, without defect: he must prepare a meal-offering, an ephah for the bullock, an ephah for the ram, and for the lambs as he’s able, an hin of oil to an ephah. When the Prince enters, he must go by way of the porch of the Gate, and go out by its way. When the People of the Land approach Jehovah in the appointed feasts, he who enters by the way of the North Gate to worship must exit by way of the South Gate; he must not return by the Gate he entered, but he must continue straight ahead. The Prince, when they enter, must enter in their midst, when they exit, they exit. In the feasts and solemnities the meal-offering must be an ephah for a bullock, an ephah for a ram, for lambs as he is able, & a hin of oil to an ephah. When the Prince prepares a freewill-offering, a burnt-offering or peace offerings as a freewill-offering to Jehovah, someone must open for him the Gate facing eastward; he must prepare his burnt-offering & peace offerings, as he does on the sabbath day: then he must exit; and after his exit someone must shut the gate. Yu must prepare a lamb a year old without defect for a burnt-offering to Jehovah daily: every morning yu must prepare it. Yu must prepare a meal-offering with it every morning, 1/6th of an ephah, 1/3rd of a hin oil, to moisten the fine flour; a meal-offering to Jehovah continually by a perpetual ordinance. They must prepare the lamb, the meal-offering, & the oil, every morning, for a continual burnt-offering. If the Prince give a gift to his sons, it is his inheritance, it belongs to his sons; it is their possession by inheritance. If he give of his inheritance a gift to his servants, it is his inheritance to the year of jubilee; then it returns to the Prince; but his inheritance must be for his sons. The Prince must not confiscate the People’s inheritance, to force them from their possession; he must give inheritance to his sons from his own possession, that My People are not scattered from his own possession’. He led Ezekiel through the entrance at the side of the Gate, into the Holy Chambers for the Priests, facing northward: there was a place in the back westward. He said to Ezekiel: ‘This is the place where the Priests must boil the trespass-offering & the sin-offering, where they must bake the meal-offering; that they don’t bring them out into the Outer Court, to sanctify the People. He led him out to the Outer Court, causing him to pass by the 4 corners of the Court, at every corner of the Court was a Court. In the 4 corners of the Court were enclosed Courts, 40 long by 30 wide: these 4 in the corners were of one measure. There was a Wall around in them, around the 4, and boiling-places were made under the Walls around’. He said to him: ‘These are the boiling-houses, where the ministers of the House must boil the sacrifice of the People’.
He led Ezekiel back to the door of the House; waters issued out from under the doorway of the House eastward; (the forefront of the House was eastward;) the waters flowed down from under, from the right side of the House, on the south of the Altar. He led him out by way of the Gate northward.
He led him round by the way outside the Outer Gate, by the way facing eastward; there flowed waters on the right side.
When the Man went forth eastward with a line in His Hand, He measured 1,000 cubits (2,000′ or 1/3 mile), He caused Ezekiel to pass through the waters, waters to the ankles.
He measured another 1,000 (2,000′), causing him to pass through the waters knee high.
He measured another 1,000 (2,000′), passing through to waters high.
He measured another 1,000 (2,000′): a river impassable; the waters rose , waters to swim in, an impassable river. He said to Ezekiel: ‘Son of Man, have yu seen this’? He caused him to return to the river’s bank, where on the river’s bank were many trees on both sides. He told him: ‘These waters flow toward the eastern region, flowing into the Arabah (desert, wilderness, south of the Dead Sea); flowing toward the sea which issued forth from it; healing waters. Every living creature which swarms, wherever the rivers flow, will live; there will be a great multitude of fish; for these waters flow there to heal, everything will live wherever the river flows. The fishers will stand near: from En-gedi (near the Dead Sea) to En-eglaim (perhaps continuing south in the Arabah towards the Gulf of Aqabah; if northward, then perhaps to the Sea of Galilee) will be a place for the spreading of nets; their catch will be fishes of every kind, as the fish of the Great Sea (Mediterranean Sea), so many. But its wetlands & marshes will not be healed; they’ll be given to salt. By its riverbank, on both sides, will grow every tree for food, whose leaf will not whither, neither its fruit fail: it will produce new fruit every month, because its waters flow from the Sanctuary; its fruit will be for food, its leaf for healing.
The border to divide the Land for inheritance according to the 12 Tribes of Israel: Joseph’s portions: You will inherit it, one each; for I swore to give it to your fathers: this Land will fall to you for inheritance. The border of the Land: On the North side, from the Great Sea, by the way of Hethlon, to the entrance of Zedad; Hamoth, Berothah, Sibraim, between the border of Damascus & Hamath; Hazer-hatticon, by Hauran’s border. The border from the Sea, will be Hazer-enon at the border of Damascus & Hamath; Hazer-hatticon, by Hauron’s border. The border from the Sea, will be Hazar-enon at Damascus’ border; on the north northward is Hamoth’s border. This the North side.
The East side, between Hauran & Gilead, and the Land of Israel, will be the Jordan; from the border to the East Sea (Dead Sea) you’ll measure. This is the East side.
The South side southward be for Tamar to the waters of Meriboth-kadesh, to the brook, to the Great Sea. This is the South side southward.
The West side will be the Great Sea (Mediterranean Sea), from the border to the entrance of Hamath. This the West side. So you’ll divide this Land to you according to the Tribes of Israel. You must divide it by lot for an inheritance to you & to the strangers who reside among you, who birth children among you; they must be the same as the native Children of Israel; they must have inheritance with you among the Tribes of Israel. In wherever Tribe the stranger resides, there you must give him his inheritance, says the Lord Jehovah’.
These are the names of the Tribes: From the North end, by the way of Hethlon to the entrance of Hamath, Hazar-enan at the border of Damascus, northward beside Hamath, (having both sides of east & west), Dan: 1.
Bordering Dan: east side to west side, Asher: 1.
Bordering Asher: east side to west side, Naphtali: 1
Bordering Naphtali: east side to west side, Manasseh: 1.
Bordering Manasseh: east side to west side, Ephraim: 1.
Bordering Ephraim: east side to west side, Reuben: 1.
Bordering Reuben: east side to west side, Judah: 1
Bordering Judah: east side to west side, will be the oblation which you must offer, 25,000 wide, and in length as one of the portions, from east side to west side: the Sanctuary will be in its center.
The oblation you’ll offer to Jehovah must be 20,000 in length, 10,000 in width. These for the Priests will be the Holy Oblation: northward: 25,000 in length; westward: 10,000 in width; eastward: 10,000 wide; southward: 25,000 long: the Sanctuary is in the middle. It’s for the sanctified Priests of Zadok’s sons, who kept My Charge not straying when the Children of Israel strayed, as the Levites went astray. It’s their oblation from the oblation of the Land, a thing Most Holy, by the border of the Levites. Corresponding to the Priests’ border, the Levites must have 25,000 in length, and 10,000 in width. They must not sell a part of it, nor exchange it, nor must the first-fruits of the Land be alienated; for its Holy to Jehovah. The 5,000 remaining of the width, in front of the 25,000, must be for common use, for the city, for welling & for suburbs; the City is centered in it. These are its measurements: the North side, the South side, the East side, & the West side must be 4,500 each. The City must have suburbs: northward, southward, eastward, & westward must be 250 each. The remnant in the length, matching to the Holy Oblation, must be 10,000 eastward& 10,000 westward; it must be matching to the Holy Oblation; and the surplus must be for food for the City workers. The City laborers from the Israel’s Tribes must till it. The oblation must be 25,000 by 25,000: you must offer the Holy Oblation four-square (25,000 x 4 = 100,000), with the City’s possession. The remnant must be for the Prince, on both sides of the Holy Oblation & the City’s possession; in front of the 25,000 of the oblation toward the East border, and westward in front of the 25,000 toward the West border, matching to the portions, it must be for the Prince: and the Holy Oblation & the Sanctuary of the House must be in its center.
Also, from the possession of the Levites, and from the City’s possession, being in the center of what belongs to the Prince, between the border of Judah & the border of Benjamin, it must be for the Prince. As for the rest of the Tribes: east side to west side, Benjamin: 1.
Bordering Benjamin: east side to west side, Simeon: 1.
Bordering Issachar: east side to west side, Zebulon: 1.
Bordering Zebulon: east side to west side, Gad: 1.
Bordering Gad: at the south side southward, the border must be from Tamar to the waters of Meribah-kadesh, to the brook, to the Great Sea. This is the Land which you must divide by lot to the Tribes of Israel for inheritance, these are their individual portions, says the Lord Jehovah. These are the egresses of the City: On the north side: 4,500 by measurement; the Gates of the City must be after the names of the Tribes of Israel:
3 Gates northward: Reuben’s Gate: 1; Judah’s Gate: 1; Levi’s Gate: 1.
East side: 4,500: 3 Gates: Joseph’s Gate: 1; Benjamin’s Gate: 1; Dan’s Gate: 1.
South side: 4,500 by measure: 3 Gates: Simeon’s Gate: 1; Issachar’s Gate: 1; Zebulun’s Gate: 1.
West side: 4,500: 3 Gates: Gad’s Gate: 1; Asher’s Gate: 1; Naphtali’s Gate: 1. It must be 18,000 around: the Name of the City from that day will be: Jehovah Shammah (The Lord is There)’.

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